My husband was called to a local Pension

My husband was called to a local Pension, to do some work. Hub, arrived with his carpenter (we will call him Jose for anonymity), they were called into a basement bedroom (remember, Hub was all new to this), the room was quite darkened. When their eyes became accustomed they saw a man stretched out on couch, seemingly lifeless (the poor man suffered terrible asthma), his wife was administering oxygen. Hub and Jose stood staring. Then, quite suddenly the man sat bolt upright, scaring them witless, saying "You can do job tomorrow, yes?"

Hub said; "Well I am a bit busy, it'll have to be next week".

With this the man pulled open his bedside drawer, pulled out a very large Luger pistol, bullets were rolling all round drawer!! Then pointing it straight at Hub and Jose he said;
"No -I said amanha!!"

With that, Jose's arms shot straight up in their air in surrender!!

They never did get his cupboards done, when Hub related it to me, we laughed, but were amazed as well, it was like a scene straight out of "Fawlty Towers"!