Newsletter November 2018

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How can it possibly be November already?  I have seen adverts on television for Christmas popping up here and there and I have barely put away my flip flops yet!

To be honest if you haven’t brought out your winter wear then it is probably a good time to do it now.  Over the past couple of weeks we have seen the temperature drop right down, then rise up a bit, then it tip down with rain, then get cold again so bring out your jumpers and wellington boots but keep those flip flops at the ready for those afternoons when you get yourself into a sheltered little spot out of the wind and soak up the sunshine!

At this time of the year we traditionally see everything quieten down and this year has proved to be no different really, although there was a little boost over the half term period with a good few people out and about in Carvoeiro, while the rest appeared to all be on the EN125 which went back to average speeds of about 30km at any given point…


Last year we had a float, a smoke machine, a theme and a marching band for the Halloween parade in Carvoeiro and once again hopes were high for a great turn out and a fun evening for all ages – but nothing ever goes quite to plan in Carvoeiro!

I had seen the odd poster about the place letting people know that there was going to be a Halloween parade again this year, complete with the usual lack of general information about what was going on but assumed all was going to follow the usual plan.

At 7.30pm we had Danny dressed in a strange traffic cone, beer can ball gown outfit ready to lead the parade and a good few people (adults and children included) dressed up in their spooky outfits ready to walk down the O Farol but it then became quite clear that there was not going to be a float at all – although the band were going to be making an appearance.

It turns out that without a float, we would be having no police car and the road would remain open as everyone walked down the hill… Not exactly ideal, especially when there are children raiding all of the bars and restaurants for sweets and zig zagging across the road, hell bent on sugar and paying zero attention to potential traffic!

Thankfully, Danny took the lead and strode out ahead to personally block cars and chastise children who ventured ahead of him!

There was a good turn out overall and lots of the bars made a real effort to get into the spirit of things, however the bad weather we had for most of the day appeared to have put a lot of people off coming out for the evening and there were definitely less people about on the streets.  Hopefully next year we will have our float back again and we can get back into making Halloween a real celebration in Carvoeiro – after all it really is a very long winter and it’s great to see some familiar faces out and about – even if they do look like a zombie!

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While the weather has generally been mild over the past month (despite it constantly changing we really can’t complain that much) we have had periods of bad weather including very high seas.

At one point during the month we had very strong winds which led to billboards being blown over and there was even a mini tornado out to see spotted out past Boneca restaurant at Algar Seco.

In general, the bad weather led to very little disruption, however the seas along the coast have been very rough and we even had an incident at the beach during October which resulted in six people having to be rescued by the coastguard just off Carvoeiro beach.

At this time of the year there are no lifeguards on the beaches so if you choose to go into the sea there is no instant help for you.

On the day in question, the waves were very big off the beach and three Brits aged 40, 13 and 10 were dragged out to sea, this then led to two Germans aged 56 and 13 and a sixth person, going into the water to try and recue them.

All of those involved had to be rescued by a police boat and the victims were taken to hospital suffering from the onset of hypothermia.

The entire incident was witnessed by many people who were out in the square and down by the beach that day and it was a truly distressing event that I hope is never repeated.

I think what we can take from this incident is that firstly, the emergency services responded quickly and effectively to successfully save the lives of everyone involved and secondly, entering the ocean when there are no lifeguards is very risky.  If you are unsure about if the sea is safe to swim in then take a look about and see if anyone else is there and really consider how strong you are at swimming and also if there is anyone around to raise the alarm if you do get into difficulties.  If in any doubt at all – then avoid swimming in the sea during the winter months.

Carvoeiro is a generally a safe and wonderful place to visit and the authorities do the best they can to keep everyone safe here – but it is also everyone’s responsibility to keep themselves safe too.


There have been lots of works going on in and around Carvoeiro recently, with pavements appearing to be dug up constantly and water coming on and off at random times thanks to this.

One of the biggest improvements taking place has to be the repainting of the apartment block as you first enter Carvoeiro on Rua dos Pescadores (home to the Algarve Book Cellar, the Donkey Sanctuary shop and the Moto Rent).

The first stage of the improvements came by resurfacing the road and the terrible parking spaces that were always a nightmare to get in to.  I was told this work was done because there was water leaking into the lower level shops from the top level – although being as I don’t have an engineering degree I can’t really confirm that one fully!

After the road works we have then all been watching on as painters precariously lean over very shaky looking scaffolding of sorts to paint the building and already the difference is amazing.  Being as this is the first impression that many people have of Carvoeiro when they visit for the first time, it was so important that this building had a paint job to improve its looks and I think that while I am sure the painting of the building was entirely due to the condominium rules I am happy to say a big thank you for taking action!

While it may not have had such a big impact, the removal of the palm tree from outside Harrys Bar certainly had a lot of people talking in the town!

The last remaining palm tree on Rua do Barranco has finally come down and the pavement has been levelled off to make it easier to walk along that section of the village.

I personally was a fan of the palm tree but so too were passing dogs who liked to leave their mark there and I am pretty sure the folks upstairs in the apartments were not all that keen on the palm fronds poking on to their balconies.  I know that the owner of the bar took great care of the tree when we had the weevil problems so it is sad to see it go!


It may be November but we still have life in the town (I promise!) and there are a good few events taking place locally.

Firstly, we have the St Martins Day celebrations in Carvoeiro on November 11th in the square between 2.30pm and 6pm.  There will be a handicrafts fair as usual, entertainment and also chestnuts to enjoy!  We also have the 356th São Martinho Fair from 2nd - 11th until 1am or 11ish in Portimão at the arena that looks like the slug!  The fair is open all day at the weekends from 10am and from 4pm on week days.  Head off to this traditional fair which has everything from fun fair rides and games, to socks for sale and plenty more roasted chestnuts!

Over in Lagoa we have the Opera rocks concert on 17th November from 9pm at the auditorium, tickets are priced at €8 and we also have a performance of “Whose life is it anyway?” by the Algarveans.  The play, considers whether Claire is entitled to exercise her right to choose her own destiny or whether morality dictates it should be decided by the medical professionals.  Whose Life is it Anyway is being performed at the Lagoa auditorium between November 22nd and 24th.  The bar opens each evening at 7pm with curtains up at 7.45.  Tickets cost €12 and can be booked by emailing


I am very happy to let you know that the date for the Black and White party 2019 has been announced by the organisers!

Save the date for June 15th 2019 and make sure you don’t miss the biggest party of the year in Carvoeiro!

Well I’m off to try and find those wooley jumpers, I can’t keep wearing this witches hat for warmth ;

Until next month


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