Newsletter March 6th 1999

This newsletter is mostly a little report about this Web site! Since New Year there have been a steady rise in the number of sessions (a session is recorded by a cookie on the users machine when a user enters the Web site and is valid for 20 minutes after the user have left the Web site, the reason being that you might follow a link "out of the house" and then come back.). All the figures mentioned here is as I can read them on the statistics server where my pages are hosted.

Steen Jakobsen

Number of sessions:
Total month: Average day:
October 1998 2.165 70
November 1998 1.822 61
December 1998 1.903 62
January 1999 4.055 131
February 1999 5.474 196
Hits are the number of pages shown (one session produces as many hits as the user browse pages) but, I fear, not a very reliable way of measuring. When speaking with Web designers they do enjoy mentioning the number of hits which, as shown here, is much more impressing
Number of hits:
Total month: Average day:
October 1998 29.777 961
November 1998 26.658 889
December 1998 26.463 854
January 1999 58.756 1.896
February 1999 72.235 2.580
A word about browsers.....

It is a very good idea to upgrade your browser when new versions are released! It is free and now a days pretty easy to do it! Using an old browser will cheat you for a lot of fun and exciting new techniques. I am working on a couple of database driven pages which should soon be ready. A Restaurant/Bar guide and a search function for holiday rentals where your requirements is used as criteria for the search. But here as elsewhere newer browsers are required (4.x or better).

Type and version: Total February: % of Total:
Microsoft IE 5.x 98 1,79
Microsoft IE 4.x 2.036 37,12
Microsoft IE 3.x 536 9,77
Netscape 4.x 1.028 18,74
Netscape 3.x 616 11,23
Netscape 2.x 48 0,88
AOL 4.x 622 11,34
AOL 3.x 299 5,45
Others 29 0,53
You would really do me a big reporting any problems when visiting the site I am not a professional and errors occur, especially due to the number of different browsers/versions. Obviously, before releasing a page, it is thoroughly checked on my machine, but as much as I try to keep the pages simple for older browsers, it is not possible to be sure that everything actually works.

And where do you all come from?  Well, from Norway to Chile, look at the table below!