Newsletter July 2013

Margarida Sampaio @

Wow! Who turned up the heating up to high in Carvoeiro this last month!  We literally seemed to go from spring to summer overnight here in the Algarve with temperatures now into the mid 30ºs every day – not that I am complaining!

Not only are the days scorching hot but the nights are warm too which has meant that the summer entertainment could not have come at a better time.


Now we have live music in the square by the beach every day with the usual mixture of DJ´s, solo artists and groups performing on a weekly schedule and running all the way through to September.

Many nights in the past month have seen hoards of people flocking to the square to dance to the music while the children can play on the beach and the bouncy castle which is put up every evening behind the stage.

Away from the stage in the square we have the usual selection of street vendors selling hair braids and bracelets and other bits and pieces with all of this coming together to create a really friendly and vibrant atmosphere in the centre of Carvoeiro.

This atmosphere continues along Rua do Barranco where there is a another small stage in front of Oasis restaurant and live music here on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday evenings to keep people in the bars and restaurants here entertained through the evening.

Live music is also being played in the square up the O Farol where Mirage, Classic, Mungo’s and Colibri are.  Every evening there is either a singer or karaoke and this square has become a real draw for many people with hardly a seat to spare on many evenings and being a good alternative to the main square by the beach.

As always we have the usual offerings of live music and entertainment from all the individual bars and restaurants in Carvoeiro with everything from Fado to Karaoke and all the rest in between – but that is why we all love Carvoeiro so much – there really is something for everyone at this time of the year.


Unfortunately the situation at the only nightclub in Carvoeiro, O Bote, is not so upbeat this summer.

Earlier in June the Bote reopened for the summer season as more of a sunset bar than a nightclub and there were a couple of nights with live music.  There were mixed reports about how the place was going but most people were just really pleased that somebody would be running it as the club is a good draw for people who may not otherwise come to Carvoeiro.  By having a venue that is also open until 6am it also helps to keep people in Carvoeiro rather than heading off to other places such as Praia da Rocha or Albufeira.

Sadly the people who took over the lease then decided that it wasn’t for them and wisely – rather than run it for the sake of saving face – the keys appear to have been handed back.

Here’s hoping that somebody comes up with the right formula for the Bote as I know many people (come on admit it!!) have fond or at least blurry memories of fantastic nights out in the club on the beach and where else can you stumble out of the club and onto the sands to watch the sun rise – not many places!


While many of the businesses owners in Carvoeiro are all looking much happier now thanks to the influx of people who have come to the town in the last few weeks we also have seen some businesses close down and others open.

The children’s clothing store Le Petit Prince, which was located on Rua do Barranco near to the newspaper shop and the stage, has closed down but the beautiful clothes that were on sale there are now available from it’s sister shop further up the street.  The shop is now a men’s clothing shop called Le Macho and is easy to spot thanks to the large metal shop front with bright yellow and red!

The other new shop is Kubo located on Rua dos Pescadores near to the post office.  This clothing shop is where a coffee shop used to be many moons ago and is tucked in next to Doce Mar coffee shop and sells women´s clothes.  It is not obvious to see as you drive by so fingers crossed enough people manage to stumble upon it to make sure that it stays the course in Carvoeiro


Also new in Carvoeiro this past month has been the introduction of some much needed speed bumps.

I know there are people who really don’t like them and I am sure my car cries every time I lollop over the top of them but I can already see a big difference in the speed of the cars now travelling along Rua do Barranco.

One speed bump has been placed on Rua do Barranco almost outside the kebab shop and this is the one I have noticed being very effective as cars can now easily reverse out of spaces along this part of the road instead of fearing for their lives as cars speed round the corner.

Another speed bump is located at the entrance to Carvoeiro on Rua dos Pescadores, the bump is just after the book shop and before the Fabrica Velha coffee shop and has again helped to slow cars coming into the village at this very busy spot.

There is also a speed bump now on the road to the Monte Santo Resort and a further two near to the Tivoli hotel on the outskirts of Carvoeiro and so far I have heard no complaints (almost unheard of!) about this new edition to the town!


June was a busy month for events in and around Carvoeiro with the highlight of the month without a doubt being the performance of Calendar Girls which took place at the Lagoa auditorium at the end of the month.

The show was a sell out on two of the three nights and it was not hard to see why!

I have to say that in the past I have been dubious about performances from the Algarveans but the success of the pantomime this year and encouragement from friends persuaded me to go along to the show and I was totally blown away by the performance.

The Algarveans are an amateur group but this was a very professional effort with a cast perfectly suited to their characters, excellent direction and no over acting or hamming it up to be seen anywhere.

This was a tricky one to pull off with lots of very touching scenes needed to be weaved in with cracking one liners but they really did pull it off in style and the leading ladies – who very bravely stripped down to nothing on stage – were all amazing and should be congratulated for gutsy, clever performances.

Congratulations to all of the Calendar Girls and I am sure lots of money was raised on the night for the Algarve Oncology Association – a very worthy cause.

Over in Portimão there were more local performers taking to the stage with dancers from as young as three years old performing in a show from Stars Dance School, based at the Carvoeiro Clube de Ténis.

Normally this show is staged in Lagoa but it was still fantastic in the auditorium in Portimão and all of the dancers were once again stars on the night so a big congratulations to them all also.


Back in Carvoeiro the entertainment continues with some fitness classes on the beach starting from the middle of July.

From the 16th July until the 31st August there will be free fitness sessions on the beach in Carvoeiro every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6.30pm.

The Carvoeiro fitness sessions are open to everyone and will be either traditional aerobics or zumba sessions – you don’t need any special clothing of foot wear for this and many people just hop off their towel for a session so don’t forget to join in

There will also be fitness sessions on Praia do Pintadinho from 6.30pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 6.30pm while on Saturday mornings from 9am there will be Yoga sessions on Praia Grande – so plenty to keep everyone fit and healthy this month!


If you are looking to get out of Carvoeiro for the evening this month then perhaps head down to Porches for the snail festival being held between July 3 and 7 and starting each evening from 6pm.  As well as plenty of snails to eat (I don’t want to hear any dry heaving out there – not unless you have tried them first!) there will also be live entertainment every evening.

Alternatively, there will also be entertainment in Ferragudo throughout July and August at the ACD Ferragudo on Friday nights from 9pm until midnight.  Firm favourites Black Puzzle and Beto Kalulu are two of the acts on the bill for July and entry is free so why not see what is going on in Ferragudo this month.


When the sun is out sand the beaches are full it must mean that it is nearly time for Fatacil again!  This agricultural fair, come live music venue, come gypsy market, come almost everything else you can think you can squeeze into the exhibition ground in Lagoa will be returning in August for the usual 10 day run so put the dates in your diary.

The Fatacil will run from August 16 until August 25, tickets cost €5 per person and a family ticket for 4 people costs €15.

The live music bill has been published and this year we have the following glittering line up:


17 AGOSTO - 22:30 - THE GIFT


19 AGOSTO - 22:30 - JOSÉ CID

20 AGOSTO - 22:00 - VOL.2



22 AGOSTO - 22:30 - EMANUEL




Well that’s it for me, I am off now to drive very slowly around Carvoeiro and to enjoy the speed bumps while watching very hot looking people trying to find some shade as they make their way to the beach!

Have a great month,