Beaches Carvoeiro

Shortcut to Albandeira Beach Albandeira Beach 9.600 meters
By road - East
 This beach is beautiful and a great place to spend the day looking in rock pools, running between the beaches and having a bite to eat.
Shortcut to Marinha Beach Marinha Beach 7.800 meters
By road - East
A must! This beach has been voted as one of the most beautiful in the world and from the moment you step out of the car you can see why.
Shortcut to Benagil Beach Benagil Beach 5.200 meters
By road - East
A real working beach with fishing boats, nets and baskets all greeting you as you head down to the sand. Benagil has several restaurants that line the road up and down the valley so you can either enjoy a quick snack by the beach or a full meal in one of the restaurants.
Shortcut to Carvalho Beach Carvalho Beach 4.000 meters
By road - East
A smugglers cove of old so the stories go and you can see why - if you are able to find it that is!
Shortcut to Centianes Beach Centianes Beach

2.300 meters
By road - East

Being the closest large beach to Carvoeiro and within walking distance (if you really want to) then this is a good alternative to the beach in the centre of town.
Shortcut to Vale de Covo Beach Vale de Covo 1.200 meters
By road - East
Small but beautiful, hiding behind the Almansor Hotel.
Shortcut to Carvoeiro Beach Carvoeiro Beach departure Only beach with wheelchair access.
Shortcut to Paraiso Beach Paraiso 400 meters
By road - West
Good photo opportunities, please also see;
Caneiros 6.400 meters
By road - West
Praia do Molho 8.000 meters
By road - West
Pintadinho 8.300 meters
By road - West
Surfers beach.
Ferragudo 10.000 meters
By road - West
  Praia da Angrinha   Parking: Available along by the fishermens huts
Access: If you turn as of going to Praia grande but then veer off the main road in the opposite direction of the castle you follow a beach road down to the fishermens huts. You can access the beach at any point along here and there are NO STEPS.
Details: Essentially this is seen generally as an extension of Praia Grande but instead of running along the coast it lies along the River Arade.

The beach starts at the rocks by the beach bar Escondidinho on Praia Grande and continues all the way along to the town of Ferragudo.

The beach is not very wide and is used as a working beach for the fishermen in the area. Because of this there are many boats and bits and pieces of fishing paraphernalia all along this area which ends at the lifeboat station.

This is the beach that you come to if you walk along the front in Ferragudo where all the restaurants are and kep going until you pop out at the beach area.

Because it is on the river this is not the best place for swimming as there are boats constantly coming past but it is a lovely spot for a beach walk or to take some pictures of traditional fishermen and their boats.

The views here along to the fort and across to the marina are also worth stopping for especially if there is a cruise liner docked in Portimão.

  GreenFlag.gif (478 bytes)
Alright for swimming
YelllowFlag.gif (471 bytes)
Caution no swimming allowed
RedFlag.gif (481 bytes)
Danger: No bathing allowed
  SwimNoGuard.gif (777 bytes)
You may swim, but note that the beach is temporarily without a guard

NoSwimNoGuard.gif (799 bytes)
No swimming allowed. Moreover, the beach is temporarily without a guard