Newsletter May 2017

Margarida Sampaio @

Is it summer time already?  The ice cream shops are open, the paid parking has begun and there are more than a good few slightly scarlet visitors wandering about so I guess it must be!

As usual at this time of the year we veer from umbrellas and cosy coats to bikinis and flip flops and if you sit and enjoy a coffee in the town and watch the world go by you will most likely see both being used in the space of only a few minutes.

Now that everything is open and working ready for the summer, including a new Indian restaurant on Rua do Barranco, Pashmina, it really does feel like summer is here and love it or hate it, Carvoeiro is always at it’s best when the sun is shining – so let’s bring on the summer!

Let there be light!

The boardwalk in Carvoeiro that takes you from the church along to Algar Seco has become one of the most popular attractions in the town thanks to it offering some amazing views along the coastline – peak selfie spot.  And now everyone can enjoy the boardwalk day or night thanks to some pretty lights being placed along the length of the route.

Lagoa council installed the lights along the 570m wooden walkway which has been open since September 2014 and is part of a larger project called the “Seven Hanging Valleys”, a project that is intended to link the beaches of Carvoeiro, Vale Centeanes and Marinha along a 5.7km route.

Take it slowly

In a tiny town like Carvoeiro traffic is always an issue, usually when you are trapped near the square because someone has parked badly by the pharmacy and the bus can’t get through…

Most people respect the speed limits in Carvoeiro and drive carefully through the town but just to make doubly sure of this we now have new speed bumps all around the local area – and this time they are not the type that someone can pull up in the middle of the night to save the suspension on their car.

At the entrance and exit to Carvoeiro, as well as in Boavista, Sesmarias and other locations around the town there are substantial speed bumps which also double as zebra crossings and you are advised to slow down as you pass over them if you want to avoid your car taking off.

Road works

If you were attempting to drive at any speed over 10km around Carvoeiro then don’t worry because if the speed bumps don’t slow you down then the mass of roadworks will.  While some areas of the town have been finished the drainage works going on are now in the centre of Carvoeiro and extend out in every direction which makes walking difficult – as there are even fewer pavements, driving tricky – as you have to navigate random manhole covers and building equipment and parking even more challenging – as even more of the parking spaces in the town have now been taped off for the works.

The only place you have a real chance of parking in at the moment has to be along Rua do Barranco, where there are very few people parked in the paid for spaces, or up by Algar Seco.  If you do choose to park on Rua do Barranco then remember to buy your ticket for the day as the police and the clamps have been out in force over the past couple of weeks – you have been warned!

Blue flag beaches

It is that time of year again when we all head back off to the beach for the summer and it is great to know that in the local Lagoa area we have six beaches with the flag.

A blue flag beach is one where strict safety, access and water cleanliness standards have been met and while other beaches in the local area may not have a blue flag, it could be simply because access is difficult or it does not have the required beach facilities for it to meet the grade – not that water quality os poor or that it is unsafe.

If you are looking for the blue flag beaches in the Lagoa area then Carvoeiro beach has to be top of the list (of course!), the other local beaches flying the flag this bathing season are Canerios, Ferragudo/Praia Grande, Senhora da Rocha, Vale de Olival and this year Vale Centeanes has a flag too.

With so many local beaches with blue flags there really isn’t any need to travel further for a great beach, however if you are looking for other great ones then there are 88 in total across the Algarve with the most (23 in total) being found in the Albufeira municipality, followed by 11 in Vila do Bispo over to the west and 10 in Loulé, which includes the Golden Triangle beaches of Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo and Vilamoura.

Black and White Night

The date is fast approaching for Black and White night in Carvoeiro which this year is taking place on 17th June.

There seems to be no extra theme this year so we are all safe just wearing black and white for the evening with the entertainment kicking off in the town at 8.30pm if all is on time!

The full programme for the evening has now been released and in total there will be nine different areas to watch entertainment until the early hours of the morning.

Two new stages on Rua dos Pescadores will be set up for bands and DJs, with one stage on Rua do Barranco, three on the O´Farol, the main stage in the square, one above the toilets on the beach and a new area up by the church in the amphitheatre.

Having more stages and areas for entertainment should help to reduce the crowds in the main areas and there are some great acts lined up for the evening including the Daddy Jack Band, fire performances and DJs will be playing down at the beach until 3am.

If you have never been to the Carvoeiro black and White Night before then all you have to do is wear black and white and come down!  The event is free for everyone but do be prepared for crowds and if you want to have something to eat in one of the restaurants then be sure to book your table well in advance as they are all packed for the night.

It is also a good idea to leave your car if possible or to make use of the park and ride services which have increased this year to help people come and go a little easier.  Taxis are still in operation for the night but with over 20,000 people expected it is a good idea to have an alternative for this.

Looking forward to seeing lots of you down there for a great party night and don’t forget your black and white clothing.

And finally…

A massive congratulations to all of the performers who took part in the annual Stars Dance Show.  Dancers off all ages took part in the show in Lagoa at the auditorium with a full house watching the performance highlighting tap, ballet, hip hop, jazz and gymnastics.

The Stars Dance school holds lessons up at the Carvoeiro Clube de Tenis and has been welcoming dancers of all nationalities and abilities for more than two decades.

Well done to everyone involved!

The dancers will be showing their stuff again at the International Algarve faor taking place over the weekend of June 3 and 4 in Lagoa if you missed the show. The fair will also features food and drink stands, local businesses and plenty of other entertainment – including a fun run organised in association with Decathlon.

Until next month