Newsletter August 2008

by: Carol Carpenter

After watching a really fantastic Wimbledon final with my favourite players both winning the title, I can honestly say that I am no longer a couch potatoe. I hope all you tennis fans enjoyed this years Wimbledon as much as I did.

We attended the official opening of ‘The Bote’ which was very well supported, although it had actually been open at least a fortnight before without being able to serve food or have live music until this time. We were all welcomed with champagne and canapés, the service was very good, and the entertainment included a fire-eating act on the beach. I am sure it will prove to be a popular venue.

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Carvoeiro is bustling at the moment with live music being performed on the beach. Beto Kalulu one of Portugal’s favourite performers along with band Makudile staged a show on Friday 18th July which started at 10pm. They are always very well supported and the square was crowded with people dancing to their Brazilian rhythms. The following Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd Beto was at Intermache signing CD’S and DVD’S. A week later the square was crowded once again to listen to The Algarve Orchestra this was a superb performance and the evening ended with a terrific firework display.

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In Lagoa there has also been entertainment during the evenings, with several artists performing on the bandstand where the locals and tourists usually meet up for their café, beer, or vino. If you know O Casarao it’s at the end of that road. This restaurant is a favourite with us as their chicken Piri Piri is the best.
We have also discovered The Original Restaurant which is just past the Carvoeiro Tennis Clube. This is now a Brazilian Rodizio and a Chinese restaurant. Unfortunately we have yet to sample the food as every time we go they are closed. A few of our friends have been and have enjoyed a good meal there.
White Crow, Nigel and Barney, are doing well playing at both Ma Ja’s and Pheonix restaurants. All Bars and restaurants seem to be full although some restaurants are complaining that takings are down this year and the only restaurants that are doing really well are those where the tour operators are offering 10% discount.

Unfortunately crime in the Algarve is increasing and some Carvoeiro residents in Quinta do Sol complex have been targeted by thieves. The GNR are now patrolling the area day and night and are advising residents to keep windows and doors closed. There have also been a few muggings at Praia de Rocha, Portimao and Villamoura areas.

Lagoa’s first Beer Festival
, takes place on August 1st 2nd and 3rd doors are open from 17.00 hrs. The Pink Floyd tribute Band, Off the Wall will be playing on Saturday night from 22.00 hrs. As I said in a newsletter last year they really are superb and one of the best rock bands I have seen including a breath taking lightshow.

The Ferragudo Marina Project may not include the construction of 135 apartments and 51 villas as the residential development has been rejected on environmental grounds. If any of you fancied buying on this development you might have a long wait.

Sir Cliff Richard was back in the Algarve to promote his new wine label Onde Nova – New Wave which will be on the shelves later in the year. Sir Cliff was in the new Apolonia supermarket in Gale on 24th July autographing bottles of his award-winning Vida Nova wines.
Also in Guia there is now a Yorkshire Linen shop located on the EN125.

I have found out more news about the alterations to Carvoeiro which are due to start in October. The road into the village will remain the same, and traffic can go across the square and up restaurant hill. This will be one way and the only way out of the village will be via Monte Dourado. This is the road that takes you past the market and brings you down to the old market that now sells the pottery which is about half way down the out road. The road going up past Sully’s bar and the Ice cream parlour to Monte Carvoeiro is going to be pedestrianized. The only way up to Monte Carvoeiro will be the road that passes by the Post Office and goes up past Ma-Ja’s. At the moment it’s the road down from Monte Carvoeiro.

The road that passes Solferias Aparthotel will be the only road down from Monte Carvoeiro as far as we can make out. The land just past A Rede and Vimar restaurants is being developed into car parking for 300 cars and will also include shops. There will also be extra parking facilities at Algar Seco. Apparently the pedestrianization will stretch almost halfway along the out road, possibly ending at the junction where the traffic will be going out. This will be for the summer season only. There are also plans for the planting of Palm trees. We were in Praia de Luz the other weekend and I suspect it will look very much the same. I hope it’s not the end of the village that we have come to love.

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The Monte Santo resort is looking really smart and I have included some photos, it is a huge complex but has been well designed. I really like the Moorish colour and I think it blends in very well. I noticed this morning that the land opposite is now sporting a WWW.Orangesky. Sign so I guess that’s the next project.

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I am pleased to announce that after a long five months our kitchen has been completed. There are still a few little things to do but we are very pleased with the results. They completed it on 26th July and the family arrived for their three week holiday on 28th - pretty close call I would say.
According to my daughter our rogue of a granddaughter is definitely banned from eating anything but white food!! We have been quite fraught these past few months and are now looking forward to enjoying time with the family and having great fun. Of course I shall probably bore you to tears when I include some of our antics in the next newsletter, that’s if I’m not too shattered to write it or have been admitted to the nearest home for deranged grandparents. Having a granddaughter that I am sure is destined to become a St Trinian it may well be the latter !!