Newsletter January 1999

January 3rd 1999

Vandalized computer

The New Year didn't start to well; the Ice-cream shop was burglarized the night between the 2nd and 3rd of January. The computer used for the weather updates was vandalized, but hopefully I will have it fixed or replaced soon. Until then I am afraid that you will have to visit for local weather information.


1998 also insisted in giving a last kick with a very violent storm the morning of the 31st of December. Most of the square were covered with sand from the beach and many trees uprooted or broken. The electricity went for more than 10 hours in Carvoeiro and more than 36 hours at places outside Carvoeiro. I spent  New Years Eve grilling steaks and baking potatoes in our fireplace.

The hotel (The large building on the right) is undergoing a complete restoration, the storm is not to be blamed for that one!


storm13mini.jpg (16273 bytes)
storm11mini.jpg (11029 bytes)  

I would be very happy if any of you "regulars" to these pages would participate in the creation of the Website and maybe send me a few funny stories, articles, readers letters or other, in order to update more often and make the Website more Alive!

Please receive all my best wishes for a very Happy New Year !

Steen Jakobsen