Newsletter May 2001

Welcome to the new look It is exciting to have a change and we are both hard at work updating the site. You will see it slowly changing into the new look as we change the old pages into the new format. So be prepared for a mixture of old and new for a while.

If you experience any problems please don't hesitate to send an us an e-mail or use the message board.

We would in particular like to hear from Netscape, Opera and Linux users, if only just to let us know that the site is OK! Thanks in advance!

New on the website

Design Our new design categorizes the 500 pages or so of information that we currently have, into four groups:

  • News (Headlines, Event Calendar, News-paper links)
  • Information (Tourist Info, Weathercam, Weather, Maps, What to do, Recreation, Beaches, Golf and History)
  • Community (Our old resident´s corner - Guest book, Message board, Links, Bookclub, People, E-mail, FAQ and About this site)
  • Business (Yellow pages, Rental, Real Estate, Hotels)

We hope that it will become easier for you to find what you need with our new structure. Let us know if it doesn´t!

Diary Nick Robinson has joined and he will be writing a weekly diary of life in Carvoeiro. If any of you have any suggestions or can do a better job (and I´m sure you can), e-mail me with your ideas, Nick.

People We have started a people´s page in the Community Section, where we interview local personalities, visitors and "virtual" visitors. Get to know the people in the Carvoeiro community as we build a fuller picture of the factors that make Carvoeiro such an idyllic place to be. This month our featured personality is Michael Schoonewagen, Hotelier and Restaurateur - visit Mike.

If you would like to be included, or have any suggestion, contact Nick to arrange an interview.