Newsletter October 2016

Margarida Sampaio @

Well that’s it then...everyone has gone home! While we continue to enjoy temperatures into the 30s everyone who was on holiday here appears to have left the town and the Algarve on the whole so we have our beaches, the parking spaces and the supermarkets back! That’s not to say we don’t love having the town filled with life, and it was amazing to see so many people here during September – it really was far busier than it has been in a long time and let’s hope that this great boost for us all down here in the Algarve continues on into 2017.

SEPTEMBER SUNSHINE If you were in the Algarve during September then you will have probably noticed the crazy high temperatures, with September 6 actually being the hottest day of the year so far. At this time of the year I usually like to take out my cardigan in the evening but it was even still warm long into the night with temperatures rarely dropping below 20 degrees on most days. The warm weather meant that the water along the coast also stayed incredibly warm and at the end of the month it was still up to 21 degrees making it almost possible to enter the Atlantic without going into shock – almost. But all these weird weather things do have their consequences and there were also more fires in the Algarve taking the total area burnt up to double what it was last year in the country and leading to the detention of some 80 people on suspicion of arson. Perhaps the strangest thing I saw in the Algarve during September was an enormous jelly fish which washed up onto Centeanes beach and was promptly stabbed by a man with a large stick who then proceeded to let the children queue up to prod it a little further…not sure what the WWF would have to say about that one.

IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS To be honest, not much has been going on in Carvoeiro over the past month as I am pretty sure most of the people living here are actually too exhausted to even move after such a long and busy summer but we have had a couple of little changes about the place. The kids have gone back to school so now you can visit the beach without fear of being kicked in the face with sand and the school itself up by the church has seen some improvements including having a paint job and the planting of some trees to give the little ones some shade – which seems to be a great idea! We have also had a new retro bus stop sign erected on the O’Farol near to the taxi rank and in front of Vernon Real Estate. It is actually very sweet looking and is a nice touch, helping to make the unflinchingly modern glass bus shelter look a little bit more in keeping with the fishing village feel of Carvoeiro. And finally we have a light! A light to illuminate the sign as you enter the village on Rua dos Pescadores – you can’t say it isn’t all happening here with us! Strangely the fishing boat that is at the entrance to the town has disappeared – not sure if it is linked to the new light but here’s hoping it comes back again as it was a lovely feature as you entered the town. If anyone has any information about the missing boat then be sure to let us know!

HALLOWEEN The final fling of the summer season now appears to be Halloween in Carvoeiro and what started as a few enthusiastic expats putting on a witches hat and stumbling into the bars has turned into a bit of a do in the town! Now most of the bars will at least have some decorations up, you will see a good few children begging (sorry trick or treating) around the town and there is even a parade taking place again! If you want to take part in the parade – and it is for all ages so you don’t need to be shy – then you need to put on your best and spookiest outfit and join in from 7.30pm. The parade is then followed by a “baile” in the Sociedade above the funky fish shop near to the pharmacy. If you have never been to a baile before then it is well worth dropping in to for a real taste of Portuguese culture. If the baile is not your thing then plenty of the bars are having Halloween themed parties, including Mungo’s where there are even prizes for the best costumes if you needed a little more encouragement. If you were unsure, Halloween is on October 31, a Monday night this year but you will find that everywhere is pretty busy thanks to the following day being a bank holiday – so everyone can nurse their heads without the need to trundle off to work. BLiP This is the time of the year that we see those who escaped the heat of the summer months returning in force so lots of community events are back too with one of the most popular being the BLiP (Better Living in Portugal) exhibition.

BLiP takes place every October and this year it is on October 8 and 9 at the Portimão arena (the one that looks like the slug). On the Saturday it is on from 10am until 6pm and then on the Sunday it is on from 11am until 5pm – entrance is free. The event is organised by the foreign residents association Afpop and is a great place to meet up with local business owners, learn about the services and facilities available in the Algarve and to also meet up with old and new faces. There really is almost everything you need as a property owner in Portugal at the event from health care and insurance advice, to home, garden and pool supplies and everything in between. If you want to find out more about the exhibition and to see exactly which businesses will be there then visit their website

POLLEN: THE MUSICAL The Algarveans theatre group is somewhat of an institution in the Algarve and are celebrating 25 years of productions this year. There have been some great performances in the past and it is hoped that the latest, Pollen: The Musical lives up to the high expectations surrounding it! Often the shows are a complete sell out, thanks to many members of the community travelling across the Algarve to come and watch some very familiar faces treading the boards so if you would like to watch the show then you need to get your tickets sooner rather than later. The musical is being staged on from Thursday 20 until October 22 from 7.45pm and tickets are available by emailing . The group are back in the Lagoa auditorium again for this one so it is only a short journey down the road from Carvoeiro but if you are looking to eat something before the show in the local area be sure to book as this is very popular and the restaurants around the auditorium fill up very quickly!

AND FINALLY… Look out for all the old favourites returning to Carvoeiro – the quiz nights, the Sunday roasts, the darts league – winter is coming but it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad time of the year so come down into the town and be sure to join in with the many community activities, charity events and much more that happens throughout these quieter months in Carvoeiro. I hope to see you at some of them!

Until next time Margarida