Special thanks to Michael Crane for having compiled the FAQ from the forum over the years

Please see rent.carvoeiro.com for a comprehensive list of various types of rental properties.

or find a charming guest house or hotel.


The minimum age for consuming alcohol is 16 years. There is a zero tolerance to drinking and driving in Portugal.


Airport transfers: www.farotransfer.com

For more information see The Faro Airport Guide or ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal.

Flight Confirmation Numbers
Faro Airport - 289 800801
Faro Airport - 289 800617

Airtours/My Airline - 282 460460
Avro (Airport Assistance) - 289 898935
British Airways - 289 818476
Cosmos - 289 898935
Easyjet - Servisair Office - 289 800690
Easyjet - Servisair Airport Desk - 289 800692
Excelair - 289 800876
First Choice - 289 590930
First Choice/Unijet - 289 590965 (Ansaphone)
Jet 2 - For An English operator press 1 during the spoken Portuguese -707200343
Monarch - 289 889475
Palmair - 289 805474
Portway Handling - Air Luxor - 289 889406
S.At.A. - 289 580440
Style - 289 510300
T.A.P. - 707 205700
Thomas Cook - J.M.C. - 289 890260
Thomsons (Brittania Tickets) - 289 001730

Should you forget to confirm your flight through the agent, you can ring Faro Airport after 2p.m. on the day before, to confirm the flight time only.
NB: If you discover any of these phone numbers are not the correct ones, please let me know.

Aviation (recreational)

Gerry Breen http://www.gerrybreen.com/ does micro-light flights from the aerodrome in Lagos. The Lagos airfield is on the right from the N.125 entering Lagos from Portimão.

Roy Carpenter (Roy4eyes) is a qualified pilot and can check out flights for qualified pilots and will be pleased to do pleasure flights on a cost-sharing basis. He can be contacted by clicking on his username in the forum. Roy uses the Portimão aerodromo which is on the road from the N.125 to Alvor, just before reaching the town.


The CVO web site recommends you use Algarve Driver for all your car hire needs. Your rental car at the lowest rates and a minimum of fuss. Check the price list and get an instant quote and book online - no credit card details needed, you only pay upon collection.


Some shops and restaurants are open over the holiday period; however, on Christmas Day few are open. See Shopping for opening times etc.

If you would like to eat in a restaurant over Christmas or New Year it is a good idea to pre-book a table.

Take a look here in the Food and Restaurants Forums for restaurants:

And look in Restaurant, Bar & Club Telephone Numbers in FAQs to make your reservations.


Cycling in The Algarve can be quite a challenge; but a rewarding one. If you'd like to get on yer bike and and explore, check out Algarve Bike Hire for details. including bike hire . . . . there's a clue in the name!

On this Blog, Hob's Blog, Ian Hobson has five cycle rides of moderate distance that may be of interest to cyclists visiting the Western Algarve (Lagoa, Portimao, Lagos, Carvoeiro, etc.). With his permission I reproduce a couple here:

From the Blog:

A few points before I start:

    Beware dogs - the more remote location, the worse.

    Beware maps - roads change a lot - conversion from track to road for example, plus new buildings in towns and motorways. Even new maps were not accurate. Our Rough Guide map - while good for bikers because of the material used and detail had many quite serious errors.

    Beware wind. It's almost always windy in the Algarve, and it's often head on against you. You may find distances that you normally cover at home harder to achieve because of this (and the up-down nature of landscape especially around the coast).

    Beware cobbled streets. The streets of many towns are pretty unsuitable for cycling unless you have good suspension. But it is easy to walk your bikes or lock them up and walk alone.

Coastal route from Carvoeiro to Alvor via Ferragudo and Portimao (32 miles).
This was just a simple acclimatisation route from our base meandering around trying to follow coastal routes where possible. Alvor is very pretty - especially at night, and Ferragudo is also a nice town. There are plenty of places to stop. In Portimao it is possible to follow a cycle lane along the river parallel to the road. It is too hard to describe our exact route, but it is easy to follow a map including these places. While having a drink in Alvor (during the Portugal-Iran World cup game!) we met Frank who was interested in our bikes. He runs a company called Outdoor Tours which does cycling trips, bike rental, nature walks, canoeing and other adventure pursuits across the Algarve. Frank's staff come from across Europe (he himself is Dutch). He is creating a booklet of 15 different bicycle routes available to his clients. We had hoped to join in on one trip, but for a variety of reasons couldn't get to do this. If you're looking to rent a bike for a day or more, or to have some guided (or even supported) tours, check out Frank's site before you leave.

Carvoeiro to Silves to San Bartolomeu de Messines to Armacao de Pera and coast route back (46 miles).
Silves is a pretty town indeed with plenty to see (serious cobbled streets though). There is currently a lot of restoration work going on, but the setting, castle, cathedral, central square etc are all nice to see. We had trouble navigating out of Carvoeiro due to some new road building (and other roads shut), so this route should really be about 42 miles. We went on a quiet road out of Estombar closer to the river. After Silves we headed on the main road (124) towards Sao Bartolomeu de Messines. This is a quiet road of good quality with some nice views lined with citrus groves. The next town wasn't too special but was ok (but a bit quiet on a Sunday lunchtime). We then headed South on a quiet road towards Algoz, then towards Pera and Armacao de Pera. We then cut back onto the 269-1 but trying to follow a coastal route (we made a few mistakes here). The village of Benagil is very pretty but with a very steep descent and climb out.

Ian Hobson

If you do not speak Portuguese it may be better to phone the general emergency number 112, where the operators are multi-lingual.

SOS for Police, Ambulance or Fire Service in Portugal 112

Chemist - Farmácia
There is always a chemist on duty somewhere. Its name and address will be hung on the door of all closed chemists.
Normally the opening hours are:
Monday to Friday: 9.00 to 13.00 and 15.00 to 19.00
Saturday: 9.00 to 13.00

Fire Brigade - Bombeiros
Lagoa - 282 352 888

Cepsa Carvoeiro - 282 356 506

G.N.R (Police)
Albufeira 289 587 224
Almancil 289 393 200
Carvoeiro 282 352 310 / 282 356 460
Faro 289 801 828
Lagos 282 762 809
Loule 289 462 782
Portimao 282 417 217
Quarteira 289 389 477
Tavira 281 325b704
Vale De Bispo 282 639 112
Vilamoura 289 313 040

Medical - Doctor / Hospital
Centro Saude, Lagoa - 282 340 370
Carvoeiro - 282 357 320
Faro 282 893 411
Lagos 282 763 034
Portimão Hospital 282 450 300 Click here for Google Map Click on the marker and then Directions to see the route from where you are.
Portimão - 282 430 040
Particular do Alvor - 282 420 400
Private hospital
Clinica de Lagoa - 282 352 749
Monte Carvoeiro Centre - 282 356 034

Dr.Kenneth Vieira, Dutch with perfect English and very pleasant man indeed. Tel.282 350 780
Edificio Cavoeiro Terrace, R.Povo do Burro, Up the stairs by the newpaper kiosk (just past taxi rank).
Dr. Torsten Habeck - 282 357 720 or 917 742 927
Consultório Medico Alemão (German Medical Centre) 282 356 339. Emergencia 962 618 588

Dr. Axel Geiger (German Dentist) 282 350 300. SOS: 965 096 375

Passport Replacement
Consul Honorário do Mexico - 289 827 074
da Republica Federal da Alemanha - 289 801 346
Consulado de Espanha - 281 544 888
Consulado da Holanda - 289 820
Consualdo Hónorario da Republica do Cabo Verde - 282 417 720
Consulado dos Países Baixos - 289 820 903
Embaixada Británica - 282 17 111/138/151
Embaixada do Canadá - 289 803 757
Embaixada da Republica Checa - 213 010 487

Consulates and Embassies
American Embassy in Lisbon: 21 727 33 00
British Consulate: 282 417 800
British Embassy in Lisbon: 21 392 40 00

Edificio A Fabrica, Portimao
Avenida Guanare, 8501-915 ( on the river opposite the Naval Club)
Telephone (351) 282 490 750 E mail :bc.portimao@netcabo.pt

Post Office - Correios
Opening hours Monday to Friday: 9.00 to 18.00

282 341 375
Dra Kirsten Peters. Guia. 289 561 683 - Emergency mobile 96 9018909

Now avalable in Carvoeiro all the services you need to treat, feed and take care of your pet. It has all the needed facilities and modern equipment for medical intervention, vaccination, diagnosis, surgery and hospitalization. They specialize in Orthopaedics, Orhtopaedic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Diagnosis, Phisiotherapy and Acupuncture. Always with TLC (tender lovin'care)!
Visit at Rua do Barranco, Lt 9 Lj D in Carvoeiro, or call us 282 358 313. Emergency 24 hours! (933 634 302)


Driving around the Algarve is simply the best way to discover it. There are lots of hidden beaches and beautifully set villages hidden in the Portuguese countryside that simply need to be discovered.

Most of the motorways in Portugal are toll roads and they do generally accept all major credit cards. Some members have had problems getting tickets and have ended up paying more than they should. If you keep away from the lanes with a big green V above (the Via Verde lanes) then you will be able to get a ticket. These lanes read boxes fitted in the front of the car (similar to the Dart Tags used on the Dartford Crossings in the UK) to automatically pay the tolls.

The motorways are usually good roads and kept in good order with plenty of service stations and places to stop. The Mediterranean Coastal Motorway (A-7/E-15) toll road that runs from Lisbon all the way along the Mediterranean coast to Monte Carlo, is a recently built 4-lane motorway that makes a very enjoyable drive along the Mediterranean Coast.

Essential Information

Always have with you your insurance documents, driving licence, car-hire agreement, passport (or copy of)

Seat Belts must be worn at all times, by all occupants of the vehicle.

Driving with children: Children under 12 years old are nto allowed to sit in the front seat (unless they are over 150cm tall), and are required to be fastened in the appropriate style chairs for their age in the back. Baby and booster seats are required by law up to age of 12 and must be used with their fastening system when travelling

A reflective vest must be kept in the vehicle at all times and worn when examining/repairing a vehicle at the roadside.

A warning triangle must be displayed at the rear of the car if you have stopped at the side of the road as a result of breakdown or problems.

If you have held your license for less than 12 months then you must not exceed 90kph (55mph) and display a yellow "90" disc at the back of the car.

Useful terms for when refueling your car.
Unleaded Regular - Gasolina Sem Chumbo
Diesel - Diesel

Mobile Phones
The use of a mobile phone in a car is only allowed if you have either a hands free kit or a headset.

You must park in the same direction of traffic, parking facing on-coming traffic is illegal. If you are visiting Lisbon, it is recommended that you get a Blue Zone parking disc which are available from the local police and are free of charge.

Please note the speed limits;
Town: 50 km/h . . . 30 mph
Main roads: 90 km/h . . . 56 mph
Motor traffic 100 km/h . . . 62 mph
Motorway: 120 km/h . . . 74 mph

Note: Some hire car companies may restrict the top speed at which you can drive. Always read the small print or ask before setting off

Minor traffic violations are frequently on-the-spot fines.

Please note there is a zero-tolerance to drinking and driving in Portugal.


Faro airport to Carvoeiro via the motorway will take you about 45 minutes using the motorway as shown in the documents mentioned below.

There are two versions of the same route available to users of this forum. This Link will take you to a four-page downloadable/printable link or can download a one-page version, her;

This link ( Faro Airport to Carvoeiro ) will open a web page showing the route by car from Faro to Carvoeiro. When printing out (by using the Google print option - top, rh side) you might like to select 'Maps' instead of text, and 'Include large map' for an overall view of the route.

Note: For your return journey you can reverse the directions A & B by toggling the arrow to the right of them

Driving to Carvoeiro from Lisbon airport

There are four choices, two ferries and two bridges. The two ferries take longer and you would need to head towards the centre of the city as you would if you used the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge. The route you need is the Ponte Vasco De Gama bridge which is not only closer to the airport but also passes over the Expo site. It's signposted from the big roundabout as you come out of the airport.

This link ( Lisbon Airport to Carvoeiro ) will open a web page showing the route by car from Lisbon to Carvoeiro. When printing out (by using the Google print option - top, rh side) you might like to select 'Maps' instead of text, and 'Include large map' for an overall view of the route.

Note: For your return journey you can reverse the directions A & B by toggling the arrow to the right of them

Some have had problems getting tickets at toll booths on the motorway and have ended up paying more than they should. If you keep away from the lanes with a big green V above (the Via Verde lanes) then you will be able to get a ticket. These lanes read boxes fitted in the front of the car (similar to the Dart Tags used on the Dartford Crossings in the UK) to automatically pay the tolls.


Driving to Seville, Spain from Carvoeiro

It is a fairly easy route from the village to Seville, most of it being motorways.

This link Carvoeiro to Seville  will open a web page showing the route by car from Carvoeiro to Seville, in Spain. When printing out (by using the Google print option - top, rh side) you might like to select 'Maps' instead of text, and 'Include large map' for an overall view of the route.

Note: For your return journey you can reverse the directions A & B by toggling the arrow to the right of them.


You have a choice of three local golf courses and as many as you want if you travel further afield.

Gramacho and Pinta (within two miles of Carvoeiro) are both full 18 hole courses, with Pinta being slightly more challenging. They are likely to be relatively quiet in June as it is the off season for Portuguese golf. It will also be extremely hot unless you tee off before about 9.30am or after 4.30am (when both courses offer special twilight deals).

There is a theoretical maximum handicap allowed on Pinta and Gramacho but it is unlikely anyone will be asked to prove their handicap - however, people have been turned away for not having golf shoes with soft spikes and a shirt with sleeves and collar etc.

Neither course is snobby - there are very few members so you are more likely to play with holdiaying golfers than anyone else, and these golfers of many nationalities are always been tremendous fun to play with.

The fee in June is about 50 euros per 18 holes, but if you search the web you will find special booking agents who will be able to get you at least 20% of these 'rack rates'

The other local course is Val de Milho which is a par 3, 9 hole, in excellent condition, and that has a wonderfully relaxed attitude to the game. Apparently the only requirement to play Val de Milho is 'knowledge of Golf Etiquette', and many people have been seen playing quite happily in trainers. It's a great course for beginners, and the bar is high up overlooking a lot of the course, and as such makes a perfect place to park the non-players for the short time it will take you to get round.

Directions to the Pestana golf course from Carvoeiro: Depends where you are staying. Basically you need to leave Carvoeiro in direction of Sesmarias. When you get to the Sesmarias mini roundabout it is signposted. If you are really not sure maybe easier to go to Lagoa, turn left toward Portimao but take the old road towards Slide and Splash and turn left down the road/track about 30 metres before Slide and Splash. Follow your nose.

Look at these web sites for more information:
Golf &  Portugal Golf

A finally word of advice: Take plenty of water and sunscreen, wear a hat and you will have some memorable rounds of golf in the Algarve.

Telephone numbers for golf courses (NB. Some of these numbers may no longer be correct, if you discover any that aren't, please let me know):
Alto Golf - 282 460870 fax 282 460879
Balaia - 289 570200 fax 289 501265
Benamor - 281 320880 fax 281 320888
Boa Vista - 282 782151 fax 282 782150
Castro Marim - 281 510330 fax 281 510338
Colina Verde - 289 790110 fax 289 791245
Morgado do Reguengo - 282 402150 fax 282 402153
Palmares - 282 790500 fax 282 790509
Parque da Floresta - 282 690000 fax 282 695157
Penina - 282 420200 fax 282 420300
Pine Cliffs - 289 500100 fax 289 500117
Pinheiros Altos - 289 359910 fax 289 394392
Quinta da Cima/Ria - 281 950580 fax 281 950589
Quinta do Lago - 289 390700 fax 289 394013
Salgados - 289 583030 fax 289 591112
San Lorenzo - 289 396522 fax 289 396908
Vale do Lobo - 289 353535 fax 289 353003
Vale do Milho - 282 358502 fax 282 358497
Vale Pinta/Gramacho - 282 340900 fax 282 340901
Vila Sol - 289 300505 fax 289 316499
Vilamoura (all courses) - 289 310333 fax 289 310349


You can purchase wifi dongles for your laptops, in 2010 prices are 49 euro for a dongle with 10 hours and 10 euro recharges for 10 hours.

In the village you'll find

Colibri Coffee Shop next door to Mungos (Euros) 1.50 for 15 minutes, 2.50 for 30 minutes and 4.50 for 60 minutes.

You can get a wireless connection in Joker's Bar and the Angel Bar.

Chinese gift shop, This has now moved and can be found on the main road heading into the village next door to the bank near the zebra crossing, opposite the Gelados Companhia.

In the Carvoeiro shopping centre in the Kodak shop, Foto Iris, there are three computers; and soon they hope to have wireless too.

You can get wireless connections in Hotel Carvoeiro Sol.

There is also an Internet facility in the little Cafe to the left of the Piazza outside Mungo's and if you are staying in Monte Dourado there is an Internet terminal in reception.

There is also one at the Cheers Bar; and also a facility at Reception in Colina Village. And the latest wi-fi access point is Hemmingways bar via a refundable deposit . . . but check first!

The Tivoli Almansor hotel (top of 'Restaurant Hill') have three computers you can use in the lobby, free if you are a guest. For non-guests they have wi-fi cards but they are a bit expensive.

Please also see R.B.C@fe in Rocha Brava and Matabixo on the main square


Live Music Summer 2010

Brady's Irish Bar
- Tuesdays - Twinflames - Irish Folk Music
- Thursdays & Sundays - The Outsiders - Rock/Pop with emphasis on electric guitar

Black Stove
- Sundays - Mostly Harmless - Folk to Blues

Cafe Ingles
- Friday & Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon - different groups every week normally with emphasis on jazz

O Cais
- Thursday & Saturday evenings - Fado - artist vary
- Friday & Sunday evenings - jam sessions

Club Nau (Praia Grande)
- Wednesdays - Chill-Out / Sunset Music - from 18:00 pm until 21:00 pm
- Thursdays - Reggae Night - from 21:00 pm until 01:00 am
- Fridays - Simao / Guitar and Singing - from 22:00 pm until 00:00pm
- Saturdays - tba
- Sundays - Jazz or Bossa Music


Money Matters

2 August, 2010:
If anyone has a Nationwide Flexaccount or debit card should be made aware of forthcoming changes for withdrawals from ATM machines in European destinations. From 1 November, 2010, withdrawals will be longer be free and charges will be made. Reference: MoneySavingExpert.com

From 14 February 2006 card users in the UK have had to use chip & pin. It is unlikely that you'll need to do this in Portugal but you are advised to remember your pin number just in case.

Banks etc. will change sterling cash or travellers cheques but there can be quite large commissions to pay; sometimes as much as £10 for one transaction!

Drawing cash from cash machines is as easy as any other method and not too expensive provided you draw the maximum each time to benefit the one-off charge. However, not all ATMs make a charge, and those that do vary between what card is used. Ask your card issuer for details of their overseas charges and check that your card will work in Portuguese ATMs.

If it is a switch card, check it has 'cirrus' on the back, and 'cirrus' on the ATM then you will be fine (all the machines in Carvoeiro take cirrus cards). Most ATMs limit withdrawals to 200 euros per day per person, so it is a good idea to use a card each if with a partner. One more thing, don't leave yourself short of cash and expect to get some out on a Sunday evening or Bank Holiday - always keep some in reserve over the weekend!

ATMs are plentiful and can be found almost anywhere in the village including some super markets.

Location of some ATMs in the village:
1. Intermarche
2. Banco Mello as you come into Carvoeiro on the left.
3. Caixa Geral de Depositos, on the right after the sports shop in the town.
4. Caixa Agricola going out of Carvoeiro on the left.
5. Credito Predial Portuguese going up the hill where most of the restaurants are on the right.

3, 4, and 5 are usually only possible by foot as there are rarely any spaces to park.

Cash euros are OK if you have a safe to leave them in when out and about. You don't want to be carrying around huge wads of notes everywhere you go.

For a lot of purchases you can use your credit card . . . the beauty of this method is your get a good exchange rate and you don't have to pay for up to six weeks!

The banks are open from 8:30 through to 15:00 Monday to Friday except holidays . . .
Local Holidays
Festa Nossa Senhora da Encarnação - Last Saturday / Sunday in August
Comemoração da Criação do Freguesia - 4 October (1985)
National Holidays
Day of the Revolution - 25 April
National Day - 10 June
Feast of the Assumption - 15 August
Republic Day - 5 October
All Saint's day - 1 November
Restoration of Independence Day - 1 December
Feast of the Immaculate Conception -8 December

Familiarise yourself with the currency here: €€€€€


For those of you that like to feel the warm sun on your bronzed naked body there are a couple of web sites that should be of interest.

Algarve Naturism - A warm welcome!
Naturist Holiday Guide.


Public transport in the Algarve means buses. Please read more here
Eva busses travel the length and breadth of The Algarve, but not always at times or routes convenient to you! Check their Web Site for full details.

The only way to get to Carvoeiro with public transportation from Faro airport is by taking the bus from the airport to the bus terminal in Faro. Then take a bus to Lagoa (direction: Lagos) followed by a third bus from Lagoa bus terminal to Carvoeiro. Depending upon the time of day and season this journey can take up to two or more hours.

Here is the bus web site for long distance coach journey Rede Expressos in Portuguese.

The buses are cheap and good too and take you right into the heart of Lisboa.

Please see www.cp.pt for train services


Please see Eat Algarve for detailed information on selected restaurants.

Restaurants & Bars

NB: I have denoted some establishments as Vegetarian (V). Please check with your waiter that it truly is vegetarian before ordering/eating!

I have added smoking or non-smoking to some restaurants. Please use this information as a guide only - I cannot guarantee it is 100% accurate, but I am confident that any wrongly labeled establishments will soon be brought to my attention. :wink:

Dialing Code: Carvoeiro: From UK:- 00 351 282 ........and the number:
Portugeuse Directory Enquiries

Carvoeiro Restaurants
A Fonte - 282 356 707 ............................... non-smoking
A Galé - 282 357 330 ............................... non-smoking
A Galeria 282 357 796
A Lanterna Velha 282 357 746
A Rede 282 358 513
A Vela (Seafood) 282 084 177
Algar Seco 282 350 449
Bom Bordo 282 356 985
California Pizzeria (Italian) 282 357 437 ............................... non-smoking
Carvoeiro Bar
Casa Algarvia - 282 357 604 ............................... non-smoking
Casa do Bife 282 356 567 ............................... non-smoking
Casa Palmeira (Seafood) 282 357 739
Cheers 282 085 483
Chez Antoine Restaurant 282 394 428
Chico's 282 359 683
Colombo's 282 357 605
Ele e Ela Resttaurante 282 357 509 ............................... non-smoking
Estrela do Mar - 282 358 075 ............................... non-smoking
Fernando's Stone Steak 282 358 690
Happy's 282 357 692 ............................... non-smoking
Jailhouse -
Jardim do Farol (just outside Rocha Brava) - 282 358 332
Jota Lita 282 357147 ............................... non-smoking
Julio's 282 358 368
Koh Samui (Thai) - 919 326 682
La Bella Vita 282 358 556
La Dolce Vita 282 358 556
La Mona Lisa Pizzeria 282 358 724
L'Orange 282 357 297 ............................... non-smoking
Ma-Ja's - 282 083 920 ............................... non-smoking
Marisqueira - 282 358 695
Maxime 282 357 852 ............................... non-smoking
Melting Pot Pub - (Quinta Shopping) 289 392 424
Mona Lisa 282 358 724
Monika's Bistro 289 396 622
O Cantinho 282 358 342
O Castelo - 282 357 218
O Chefe António 282 358 937
O Indiano ............................... non-smoking
O Nuno - 282 341 815
O Patio - 282 357 367
O Salmão 282 357 031
Oasis 282 357 332
Perola da India (Indian) 282 358 556
Pizzariso - 282 350 120
Pizzeria Bella Napoli - 282 358 097
Pizzeria Mama Mia 282 357 849
Plaza (Fish) 282 356 096
Poço Partido 282 341 731 ............................... non-smoking
Praia Grande - 282 461 174
Primavera (Italian) 282 358 342
Restaurant Vale de Milho - 282 358 137
Rochamar - 282 359 135
Roma (Italian) - 282 381 255 or 040 793 966
" TASTE " Wine & Food - 282 085 740 ............................... non-smoking
Tia Ilda 282 357 830
Togi 282 358 517
Tropical Coffee Shop -
Villa Medici 282 358 017 ............................... non-smoking
Villa Nova Restaurant
Vimar 282 358 322
Xico ze 282 357 870

Carvoeiro Bars
A Boa Vida 282 354 169 ............................... smoking
Absoluto ............................... smoking
Adega - 282356131
Anteak ............................... smoking
Bar Charly - 917 104 213
Bar Telvez - 967 780 047
Bo Jangles - ............................... non-smoking
Brady's Irish Bar - 282 356 527
Carvoeiro Bar- 282 356710 ............................... smoking
CB Wine Corner
Cocktail Garden - 208 084 246
Dirty Nellie's Irish Bar -
Imprevisto ............................... smoking
Innside Caffé - ............................... smoking
Irish Times - 282 96715 4277
Jailhouse - 282 357 897
J-Bar ............................... smoking
Joker Sports - 917 985 518
Mungo's Music - 282 080 576
O co 282357975
Phoenix Nights ............................... smoking
Rascals -
Round Up Saloon - 282 357 009
Smilers - 282 357 304
Sully's - 282 357 787 ............................... smoking
Zeca's ............................... non-smoking

Carvoeiro Bar & Restaurants
Almansor Hotel ............................... non-smoking
Carvoeiro Sol
Cristal Hotel ............................... non-smoking
Mirochoro Hotel - 282 350160 ............................... non-smoking

Awaiting type and location feedback
Casa do Pão 282 356 216
Casa Globo - 282 357 594
Colina 282 342 483
Lisboa Antiga 289 391 883
Mistrals - ............................... non-smoking

Benagil Restaurants
Brasserie Marina 282 342 736
Brasserie Rosal (Vale del Rei) - 282 343 250
Casa Velha do Pescador 282 358 840
O Algar 282 358 951
Poppy's (Vale del Rei) - 282 343 061
Restaurant Sul Mar - 282 359 137
Snack Bar O Litoral - (Great fish 'n' chips!) 282 359 649 ............................... non-smoking

Estombar Restaurants
O Charneco - 282 431 113
Restaurant a Palmeira - 282 432 090

Ferragudo Restaurants
Barnard's 282 461 870
Le Paradis 282461123
O ril 282 461 215
O Sueste (Fish) 282 461 945
Piano 282 493 278 . . .
Pintadinho (Fish) 282 461 659
Rei das Praias (Fish) 282 461 006

Awaiting type and location feedback
A Chaminé 282 492 225
A Ria 282 461 790
Portarade 282 461 310

Lagoa Restaurants
A Paleta 282 353 770
Chicken George - 282 35 97 67
China Town - 282 359 121
O Lotus - 282 352 098
Restaurante Chinês Jardim do Sul - 282 352 273
Tia Rosa 282 341 072

Awaiting type and location feedback
Cocotte 282 341 062

Monchique Restaurants
Quinta de São Bento - 282 912 143

Mexilhoeira da Carragação Restaurants
The Village Inn 282 412 036

Porches Restaurants
A Rampa (Seafood) 282 343 767
Leão de Porches 282 381 384
Mister Grillo 282 381 176
Porches Velho 282 381 692

Awaiting type and location feedback
Churrasqueira das Cardosas -

Praia dos Caneiros Restaurants
Rei das Praias (Fish) 282 461 006

Sesmarias Restaurants
Bon Bon - 282 341 496
Casa Rústica 282 353 465
O Escondidnho

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Sesmarias Restaurant & Bars
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Only one place to go for shopaholics.... Algarve Shopping at Guia about 20 minutes drive from Carvoeiro. This is a huge complex with stores of all types - clothing, electrical, home furnishings, leather goods, super market; you name it, it's almost certain to be found here. There's even a cinema in which the husband and kiddies can be sent to whilst you run riot through the complex! Take a look at its web site. It is in Portuguese but it does give you a good idea of its content: Algarve Shopping

New shopping centre in Portimão:
From the new bridge take the hospital exit towards Portimao, straight over at the hospital roundabout then at the next roundabout (where the underpass starts) take the road at approx 90 degrees on your right, follow the road which will lead you around a right angle bend and down a short hill to a new roundabout. C&A and the rest of the new Portimao shopping park is opposite as you approach the roundabout. (Same route you would take if you were going to Max Mat)

The development being built is the complete area between the C&A store and the roundabout on the road from the hospital where the underpass starts - you will see lots of tower cranes, road works, etc. I can't remember the name but I'm sure somebody else can supply that.
Forum Algarve on the way into Faro is the more upmarket of the shopping centres and well worth visiting . . . but be sure to take plenty of money with you! Directions: Carry on past the airport slip road. You turn off at the next roundabout. Forum Algarve is in your left with the Jumbo sign visible. Take the next to inside lane on the roundabout. You take the second turn off the roundabout, go 100m to a small roundabout and that takes you to the underground car park.

Albufeira has a nice sea-frontish shopping area as well as a larger one nearer the town centre.

There's a nice market in Loulé each Saturday that's worth going to. There are approximately 60 markets featured HERE from all over The Algarve. Flea markets, antique markets, local markets; date, times and locations.

Lagos has some nice shops - and a largish 'super store'. Plus, if you are looking for furniture you can check out Planet Sofa

Super markets: There are a few in the village itself if you don't have any transport. Intermarche is just outside the village on the way to Lagoa; and nearer to Lagoa there is now the new Lidl Plus located on the new roundabout.

Most supermarkets open everyday 9am to 9pm, those which are regarded as hypermarkets e.g. Modelo, Portimao and Continent in Guia have to close at 1pm on Sundays and Bank Holidays. Intermache seem to regard themselves on Sundays as a large store and close at 1pm but seem to decide they are a smaller supermarket when it is a Bank Holiday and stay open all day.

Lidl Plus and Modelo in Silves all open every day of the year expect Christmas Day and May 1st (workers day ). Modelo in Silves is open all day on Sundays.

In the summer peak periods times vary, some open at 8am, some 8.30am and it is possible in July and August to shop in Modelo and Continent until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. (These put up signs with their opening hours for each day).

But, being Portugal there has to be a exception! During November and December all supermarkets, whatever their size can open all day Sunday and Bank Holidays so even more time to do your Christmas shopping


Local Taxi driver José Manuel is reliable, speaks English and German and is well recommended. You can reach him under 9679 50192.

Also, try 282 460610 or 9672 38506.

There are plenty of taxis (ranks) in the village, one of which is near the square at the bottom of the hill.


Terrestrial TV
There are 4 channels:RTP1 (similar to BBC1). RTP2 (similar to BBC2), SIC & TVI. English & American programmes and films are shown with English dialogue and Oortuguese subtitles. Lots of Portuguese soaps on SIC & TVI.

Enjoy all the same channels as Freesat in the UK. No subscription required and no viewing card required. Systems are cheap & easy to buy for under €100 (eg from Leroy Merlin) - you can buy them at Lidl in UK and took it out in hand luggage. You will need a 1.3 mtr or bigger dish. A 1.3 mtr dish in Ferragudo installed by Silva & Sintra-Telecomunicações Lda in Lagoa can be supplied and fitted for around €160.


The electrical supply in Portugal is 220-230 Volts so electrical appliances that work in the UK can also be used in Portugal. However, the electrical socket differs so, if you are visiting temporarily and simply want to continue to use your appliance, then you need only to buy an adaptor. Make sure that if your appliance requires to be earthed and has a UK 3 pin plug that the adaptor also has 3 pins with an earth connection. On looking at the adaptor this may not be immediately apparent as in Portugal there are two earth pins recessed at 90º to the two protruding pins.


If you are intending to live in Portugal then you should change all the plugs on your appliances making sure that you fit suitable earthed plugs if the appliance previously had a UK 3 pin plug.

Note that plugs in Portugal do not have fuses inside. If there is a problem then the circuit breaker in the main switch box will trip. It is also not uncommon to experience total loss of electricity because too many appliances are being used at the same time. This should not happen but there are still many properties in Portugal where the electrical installation is not to the same standard as you will have experienced in the UK. Also, loss of electricity due to problems with the Electricity Board is still not uncommon in Portugal as the infrastructure is still developing.

Bear in mind that the electricity supply in Portugal is prone to electrical “spikes”. These “spikes” are electrical surges that increase the voltage astronomically for microseconds and will destroy any electronic equipment such as TV, computer, fax machine etc. even if the equipment is switched off. It is therefore strongly advised that you fit a Surge Protector to all equipment that uses electronic circuits.

Finally, remember that electricity is expensive in Portugal (as are all utilities). If you are renting and the arrangement is that you pay for the electricity that you consume, please bear this in mind as otherwise you may be shocked when you have to settle your bill on leaving.

Warning: 220 volts is almost as high as in the UK and electric shocks from such a high voltage can result in death. Do not rewire or interfere with the electical supply or appliances in your holiday residence.


News: We now have a new section, CVO Ramlbers moderated by Geoff. He will be posting walks on a regular basis. See the Board Index for details.

Portugal Walks
There are a few good walks around The Algarve and the web site above will give you details of them.

Forum member, Lindoc says, Try Julie Statham's site, www.portugalwalks.com/ (Day and half day walks - Algarve). We have done several walks with Julie's group and intend to join them again next week when we are in Carvoeiro. Most of the walks are within an easy drive of Carvoeiro. They are 2-3 hour walks in the countryside and not too strenuous. No booking needed - just turn up.

Here is a very good publication: Guide to trails in the Algarve, a comprehensive pdf document of walks to suit all - serious or casual - walkers.



Watersports/Sailing/Fishing - Prices and places

Alvor Kitesurf Centre
There is no need to be tall or strong, just embrace the natural elements water and wind to experience the sensation of this addictive sport.

Extreme Algarve
From kitesurfing to rock climbing . . . it's all extreme

Algarve Boat Tours and Fishing Trips
Don't miss this excellent opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable boat tour on the Algarve coast. Starting from Marina de Vilamoura and visiting several of Europe's largest caves set in beautiful rock formations and cliffs. With some luck, we will be surprised by a group of Dolphins.

Boat Charter
Enjoy the clear water, the fresh breeze and the beautiful views of the Algarve coast. Like all regions the coast of the Algarve shows its most beautiful sight from the sea. Now, in July and August, when temperatures rise above 30°, the best place is on the sea.

Explore the Atlantic Ocean, discover the beauty of the flora, fauna and the secrets of the under water world. Tivoli-Diving, based at the Tivoli Almansor Hotel, are situated on one of the most beautifull rock formations of the Algarve. The bay in front of the Hotel Tivoli, with its wonderful rock formation gives a nice divespot from shore. It invites you to make some relaxing and fascinating dive trips. The clear water makes out of every dive an unforgettable adventure. Hereby you will learn about the variety from different underwater plants and animals from the Algarve!

Tivoli-Diving operate a Try Dive introductory course, and for those that want to take their diving further they run several training courses, all complying with PADI, (the Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

Location: Tivoli Almansor Hotel, Carvoeiro
Contact: Tel.: ( 00351 ) 282 351 194 Fax.: ( 00351 ) 282 351 400 Mobile: (00351) 963 223 892
Web: algarvediving@yahoo.de http://www.tivoli-diving.com/index_e.htm

Arnos Windsurfing school at Praia Grande. Email ARNO_WINDSURF@hotmail.com for prices.


http://www.diverscove.de/ . . . this one has a really neat 'mouse-follower' :)