Newsletter August 2017

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Can somebody please close the oven door?  Now I love the hot weather, but I am not so good when the thermometer tips over the 40 degree mark…I also take issue with it being still over 30 degrees at 11pm.

EDP (the electricity company) will be more than happy with the current bout of heat waves we have been experiencing in Portugal as air conditioning units buzz day and night, however they are probably the only ones!

It has been incredibly hot over the past few weeks in the Algarve, as it has been in much of southern Europe and while I want to moan and complain I really can’t as I have the luxury of being able to work in an air conditioned environment – so this month my hat is being tipped firmly in the direction of all those who have to grin and bear it while sweating it out – you guys are amazing.


You know its August because it is now virtually impossible to park anywhere closer than Lagoa, which is a lot of fun when you are trying to get your shopping home!  Luckily I have long since adopted the local way of parking which mainly involves double parking and waiting for the tooting to begin, I don’t however park in those places where it says you have a maximum of 15 minutes to get your business done and drive off because the police are usually just around the corner and waiting with the clamping equipment – you have been warned!

It’s great to see so many people here enjoying Carvoeiro and I has to be said that the enlarging of the beach really has been a bonus because you can still find a space on the beach even when it is so busy here. That being said, if you are looking for a quieter spot then there are lots of beaches only a short distance away including the famous Marinha beach with the stacks in the ocean and Albandeira beach which was recently voted as being one of the best beaches in Europe also.

A great way to explore the local area and to find all of the beaches is with the hop on, hop off bus service that circulates around the local area.  These buses are easy to spot and you can buy a variety of different passes either for a day or more to get you about the local area without having to call on a taxi.  There is a really handy stop for the bus on Rua do Barranco just before the kebab shop – but remember to bring a hat with you because they appear to have forgotten to provide any shade in this area and it can get pretty hot while you wait!

If you do need a taxi at this time of the year then you need to be prepared for a wait as the service simply can’t handle all of the calls that come through.  You can always wait a the main taxi rank in the town which is located just up from Smilers bar or now we also have the option of calling an Uber – look at us moving into the 21st century!  I have tried out the Uber service in the Algarve and have been pretty impressed so far with how quickly they come, how cheap they are and how good the drivers are.  The Uber taxis generally seem to come from Portimão but it is still less of a wait than for the regular taxis at this time of the year so it is worth considering if you want to make sure you get a lift home easily.  All you have to do is download the app to your phone and you are on your way!

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We all love the webcam for the best view of Carvoeiro, however we now have some new web cams in the area to see Carvoeiro and also some other local beaches.  A new partnership between the local council and the MEO communications company has helped to put live beach cams looking over Carvoeiro beach as well as over Praia Grande in Ferragudo and Senhora da Rocha and Praia Nova near Porches.  If you fancy having a look at the new web cams then you can download the Beachcam app for your phone or you can look online by going to

The aim of the new webcams is to try and promote the local region to those who have not yet discovered the beautiful beaches we have on our doorstep and to also link up with the weather stations in Carvoeiro and at the Sítio das Fontes in Estombar so we can get super accurate weather reporting.


If you weren’t able to make it to the Black and White night then you are in luck this month because we have another massive event coming to the town – this time in the form of a huge beach party!

Nothing says summer quite like a beach party, however these are usually only happening over in Praia da Rocha or down in Vilamoura and nobody wants to drive that far… So it is great news to hear that we are going to have our very own beach party right here in Carvoeiro and the best part of it all is that it is a free event!

The party will be taking place on August 26th from 8pm until 3am for those who are still able to keep on dancing into the night.

The headlining act for the evening is Kataleya ( I had to use Google to have a clue on this one) who I am reliably told by the internet is a kizomba pop singer from Brazil.  If kizomba is not your thing then don’t worry because there are also plenty of DJs who will be spinning the decks for the crowd including local favourite DJ Alexandre Ramos and the big name Portuguese DJ Christian F.

To be honest the beach party is about far more than just the music, I am pretty sure the atmosphere will be brilliant for the night and it will be a brilliant evening for all ages so come down and join the party on the beach in Carvoeiro!


As well as the beach party at the end of the month we also have the annual Blessing of the Sea celebrations.

This happens on the last Sunday in August every year and will see a religious procession through the streets starting at the church and then winding down and then back up again.  

The procession includes members of the church, the scouts and a marching band and is a very beautiful sight for anyone who has not seen it before.  It happens during the late afternoon and then gives everyone time to head off for something to eat before then going back down to the beach to watch the fireworks display at midnight.  The details of the blessing of the sea have not yet been confirmed but there will be posters up around the town and outside the Junta office for those who are looking for more details nearer the time.

This really is a very moving procession and is accompanied by a full brass marching band as well as many members of the church who follow the statue which is adorned in flowers as it moves through the streets – one not to be missed for those who like to experience some of the traditions and culture of Portugal while here in Carvoeiro.


It always seems a shame that so much foes on in August in the Algarve and isn’t spread out throughout the year, but hey ho – we will just try our best to squeeze in as many of the great activities as possible into the single month!

Here are some of the top things to do locally during August but if you want a more comprehensive list of all that is going on in the Algarve during the month then have a look at the official guide for the month which you can read in full here ([1].pdf ) or pick up from tourist information points about the place.

Fatacil – Fatacil is back again for the 38th time filled with its strange mixture of agricultural equipment, horse shows, livestock, handicrafts and live music acts.  They have made a lot of changes to the fatacil showground in Lagoa so it will be interesting to see how it looks this time.  The Fatacil is on from August 18 until 27th from 6pm until 1am.  Tickets cost €3.50 for a single pass or a family ticket is €12.50, under 12s get in for free.

Silves Medieval Festival – Brave the heat of Silves and step back in time at the annual Medieval festival – a firm favourite round our way!  The festival will be taking place from 11th August until 20th August around the cobbled streets of the city and up to the castle.  The event starts at 6pm each day and goes on until midnight and costs €3 for a 10 day pass if you buy it up until the 10th August or €4 for a 10 day pass if you buy it from the 11th onwards.  So don’t worry if you don’t see everything in one evening – you can always go back again to see more!


I´m off to stand in some air conditioning and to wipe off the sweat for the hundredth time this past hour and then down to the beach for a swim!

Have a great August everyone