Newsletter October 1999

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Fábrica do Inglês: The Fábrica do Inglês in Silves (about 15km from Carvoeiro going inland) is an old Cork Factory which has been thoroughly renovated and opened to the public. It now contains several restaurants, a cork museum, an outdoor scene, a fountain/laser/light show every evening and much more. It is definitely worth a visit! You will find it turning right after the bridge leading into Silves (coming from Lagoa/Carvoeiro!), then turning left (behind LIDL).

Entertainment at the Fábrica do Inglês.

Coming Events: 


De 21 a 27 – Semana Gastronómica de "Queijos e Enchidos Regionais" 


De 1 a 7 – Semana Gastronómica "Feira São Martinho"

Dia 11 – Reunião Nacional dos Docentes de Matemática

De 25 a 30 – Semana Gastronómica "Doces Regionais Algarvios"

New Telephone numbers: From the 31st of October 1999 Telephone numbers will change in Portugal, the new numbers are all 9 digits and includes the area code, with the 0 being replaced by 2.

e.g. Webmasters fax before: (082)341869 From the 31st of October: 282341869

I suspect this is due, to the soon to come ending, of Portugal Telecom's monopoly on the market.

Free Internet access: Both Telecel, ( and Telepac ( is now offering "free" access to the Internet (you just pay local call rate call).
You do need to register though, all in Portuguese I am afraid, so it may be a good idea to do it from home, before arriving in Portugal.
As for Carvoeiro....

The weather have been a little miserable lately, but we do need the rain!

New Resident's corner: On the Web site.... please have a look here I have made a new buy/sell section and a section for "Social contact" e.g. if you would like company for a Card Play or maybe a walk or bicycle ride in the nature. There is also a Book Club, and more to come.....
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