Newsletter May 1999

This newsletter is mostly a little report about this Web site! After a busy and hot Easter the town is now a bit more quiet, preparing for the big summer rush, the outside temperature is over 30 degrees (11-5-1999 13.30)  in the shadow. Just perfect for a little computer-work in the freshness of the house.
I believe that time is now ready to turn this little virtual Carvoeiro into a truly interactive community -or in other words; That YOU, dear user, help me to build on to the site! There is a number of ways to help:
I would be very pleased to receive any good stories or photos from Carvoeiro in order to use them on the Web site, just send a mail to or if anyone would like to write a weekly or monthly column! - remuneration's, I am afraid, will have to be paid in Ice-cream.
I would like to start building a "Must see" section with tips and recommendations from residents and regulars, so if you feel you have anything special to offer newcomers or regulars please mail! Restaurant reviews are also at demand and though difficult to judge the serenity I am willing to make a try! Restaurant-owners, or family/friends to these, .....please abstain.
Please take a few minutes to fill out this little user critique it will be of great help continuing the work at this site, and the larger the number of replies the more it will help convincing the rest of the town to join the Web site for the benefit of all! The test is fully anonymous and there will be drawn a prize winner who will receive a gift certificate worth approximately 6.000 Esc. (20£) at or (35US $) at depending on your location
In  the month of April the Web site had a total of 10.501 sessions / 118.149 hits and is thus still increasing every month!

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