Newsletter August 2016

Margarida Sampaio @

So it has been hot, and I know I always say it has been hot but this time the stats actually back me up – that makes it official – it has been very hot!

According to the Portuguese weather institute July this year has been the second hottest since 1931, with air temperatures averaging 24.33 ºC – that’s a while 2.16ºC higher than usual and wow have we felt it. 

You may be thinking that 24 degrees doesn’t really sound that hot at all – but that was average day and night temperature and we were actually averaging highs of 32.19ºC throughout July and it will come as no surprise that these sweltering temperatures left everyone feeling pretty groggy and tired all month!

I am sure the electric companies were happy though as the air conditioning units were pushed to the maximums and it was also a good time to be an ice cream seller…


With all these high temperatures the risk of fires in the Algarve was very high for the entire month and while there have been no enormous out of control fires as yet, the local fire service, Bombeiros, have been working nonstop to keep the Algarve fire free.

There are fires starting daily in the Algarve, some of them accidentally, some of them on purpose and some through a general lack of care and thought by people, so we all need to be a bit fire aware this season.

There was even a small fire right in the centre of Carvoeiro during July, with what started as a little bit of smouldering grass, rapidly turned into something a lot more worrying within minutes.

The fire started half way up the steps behind the kebab shop on Rua do Barranco and thanks to the winds, it moved rapidly along the cliff top, burning up the scrub land as it went and coming dangerously close to the parked cars in the area and all the very many apartments and homes around here.

The Bombeiros were on the scene within 5 minutes and a whole team worked for about half an hour to extinguish the fire completely.  A massive thanks to these fire fighters who never hesitated to through themselves down the cliff side to tackle new areas of the fire and made sure that everyone was safe.

If you are a smoker then make sure you put out your cigarette responsibly, there is also now a fine in place for people who drop cigarette butts on the floor so hold on until you find a bin.  Also be careful with litter as this can lead to fires also – let’s all take care and we can cut down the number of fires taking place in the Algarve.


Even though the town is absolutely packed with people and everyone is working until they melt some people have still found time to open new businesses this past month!  I always love to see new enterprises in the town and we have a good selection for this month.

Casa de Aroma, is a little very sweet boutique that is located on Rua do Barranco in the newly renovated building next to the old pottery market and opposite A Vela restaurant (sort of).  This is a lovely little shop and a great place to pop into if you are looking for something a little bit different.

Then we have a new art gallery that has also opened on Rua do Barranco Galeria XXI.  This is almost opposite the kebab shop and near to Harrys Bar and appears to be open all the time!  They have a small selection of paintings in there to have a look at so if you are passing nip in and have a look.

And finally, we have the big news that Carvoeiro is now without a strip club as the former Adega Bar (on the O farol next to casa Algarvia restaurant) has now been turned into a bar.

I am reliably informed that this really is a bar now and it markets itself as being a jazz club.  Inside there is a large piano, the décor is dark and the place is nice and cool (literally) which has been a great bonus with all these very warm nights we have been having.  I have not been inside myself yet (as you know I am not one for going out drinking ahem) but it is on my list of places to visit and it is always great to have another option to choose from in the town – and with so many people about there really can never be too many bars at this time of the year!

Carvoeiro square is buzzing in the evenings at the moment, with the live music on the square every night, the little square filled with hair braiding, pictures and of course all those strange squeaky dogs you can buy but if you are looking to head out of the town this month then there is more than enough to enjoy!

Fatacil – Fatacil is back again and this year will be held on the showground in Lagoa between 19 and 28 of August.  There have been some changes made to the event, namely it is now being organised by the local council who have injected €150,000 into revamping the site a bit to give everyone more space and to make it easier to get in the entrance.  This is a real taste of Algarvian life and if you have never been before then give it a go to sample local foods and wine, listen to Portuguese top musical acts, see some horse shows and buy local handicrafts.  It is a bit like a country show but at night and totally packed with people and usually very hot!

Silves Medieval Festival – Head into Silves and back in time at the Silves Medieval festival, held throughout the streets of the old part of the city between 12 and 21 of August.  You can dress up as a princess, watch a jousting show, eat some delicious piggy sandwiches and listen to medieval music while browsing the street stalls at this truly remarkable event for all the family.  Be prepared to tackle the hills, so wear sensible shoes as some of the calçada is lethal in Silves!

Portimão Sardine Festival – If you like your sardines then you will love this event held along the waterfront in Portimão between August 3 and 7.  There is live music, street entertainment, little shops and of course thousands of sardines grilling away.  If you don’t like sardines then this is one to avoid to be honest!

Pirate week – From August 4 until the 10th there will be a pirate invasion in Armação de Pêra!  Look out for pirate reenactments, little pop up taverns, street entertainment and an area to discover new start-ups from the local area.  A strange mix but one the kids are sure to enjoy and really close to Carvoeiro too!


I am off to the beach because the one good thing about all this hot weather is that the Atlantic actually seems appealing for once!