Newsletter June 2015

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It is now officially summer but to be honest we have had such hot weather during May that we have been enjoying ice creams on the beach and evenings on the terraces for weeks now – sorry to everyone who has not been luckily enough to have had the same!

Anyone who has been in the Algarve recently will have already built up their base tan nicely for the summer which means that it must be time for us to all start moaning about there being nowhere to park and having to dodge shopping trolleys accompanied by families of 10 around every supermarket.


This has to be one of the most perfect times in Carvoeiro and the Algarve because we have the great weather but in truth, while it is much busier than the winter, it is still nowhere near as busy as the height of the summer. If you head down to the beach you will find that there is plenty of space, a trip to Slide and Splash will see you able to run up and down the stairs until your heart can’t take it anymore because there are no queues at all and there are even still some parking spaces in the town!

Of course as the month goes on it will inevitably get busier but generally we have a lot to smile about in Carvoeiro at the moment so if you are able to make it out here this month then I would suggest jumping on a plane to make the most of it.


It is time to get onto the beach and from June 1, the official bathing season begins in Carvoeiro which means that the sunbeds are coming out with the shades, there is a life guard on the beach and the little hut selling ice creams is opening up for the summer season.

We have seen Carvoeiro being awarded with a blue flag again this year for its great quality water, clean beach and good facilities – something else for us all to be proud of and a reason to head down to the beach in the town for some time to relax on the sand.

Carvoeiro beach is a great one in the local area because it does not have all the steps that other local beaches have and this makes it great for anyone with a push chair or equally for those who don’t fancy lugging the buckets, spades and bags up and down the steps (we all know everyone promises to help out but why is it that I am the only one carrying anything?)

If you are looking for a different beach then we have Paraiso beach within walking distance of the centre, just up the road past Sullys and then carry along the top road to the carpark and then down the steps to this little beach – but be sure to check the tide tables before you go unless you want to be sat on a rock as you wait for the beach to reappear at low tide!

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If you are a fan of the beach but would rather not get sand between your toes then there is great news for you as the Bote nightclub on the beach (located to the ight of the beach as you look towards the sea) has reopened for the summer under new management and now you can visit all through the day as well as dance until dawn.

The new management have opened up the club which now serves drinks and food all day and the top terrace is a great place to watch all the fun on the beach from the comfort of a chair with a cushion while enjoying a cool beer.

Don’t worry if you ae a fan of the foam parties at the Bote because they are going to be taking place again every Wednesday – some things are pretty much set in stone in Carvoeiro and the foam party on a Wednesday is an institution in itself and will continue in 2015.

If you have never been to a foam party in Carvoeiro then be prepared for a night to remember (although I can’t promise if it will be entirely for the right reasons!) wear your flip flops, clothes you don’t mind getting soaked and smelling of strange parma violets and beer and be sure to put your mobile in a plastic bag unless you want to spend the rest of the holiday trying to dry it out. All that being said the foam party can be one of the best nights out in Carvoeiro so put it on your to do list this summer!


Anyone who has been out to the Bote until 6am and is making their way home needs to take care as they travel back because although Carvoeiro is a very safe place to come to for a holiday or to live in for all ages, accidents can happen and an example of this occurred in May with a fall off the cliffs.

GNR police, INEM emergency services and the maritime police were all involved in the rescue of a man who had fallen off the cliffs in Monte Carvoeiro and had ended up with multiple injuries and trapped on the rocks below.

The emergency services were able to rescue the young man but this is an example of how careful we all have to be around the cliffs.

The beach in Carvoeiro has been made bigger over the winter which should mean that nobody has to sit near to the cliffs where there is the possibility of rock falls (although this is very rare). Read the signs as you go to the beach and take a sun shade with you to stop you from being tempted to use the cliffs for shade and you will have a great day at the beach.

Equally, we now have the boardwalk in Carvoeiro so there is no need to try and scramble along the cliff tops for great views, you can walk safely and have the same beautiful views without putting yourself at risk and drawing on the valuable and very stretched emergency services.

I don’t like to bring up serious issues generally but this is such a simple one that we can all avoid by making some simple and easy decisions – so don’t let me catch you sunbathing by the cliffs or I will be dobbing you in to the lifeguard!


The beach will be the cente of activity once again after midnight for an enormous beach party expected to attract thousands of people for the second annual Black and White Party which this year is taking place on June 20.

Last year we had the first Black and White party in Carvoeiro to mark the summer solstice and it was such a huge success that it will be making a return this year with live music, DJs, street entertainers and much more.

Part of the O Farol and Rua do Barranco will be closed off for the night to make the beachfront and surrounding areas pedestrian only for this massive party that includes special promotions in the restaurants and bars for the night and free entertainment on several stages around the town.

The theme is black and white (surprisingly) and burlesque (less surprisingly) so dress in anything black and white and join in the party!

A few top tips for anyone who was not here last year – the roads close the day before usually so parking is difficult even the day before so it is best to think of taking a taxi or using public transport. On the night there is basically no parking available – unless you are willing to walk a little – remember there are car parks in Algar Seco and up Monte Dourado, you can also sometimes park in Monte Carvoeiro or up by the market as another alternative.

If you want to eat in a restaurant on this night then book your table in advance as the restaurants are all packed, even though many have extra seating, especially those on the O Farol. Last year there was nowhere selling snacks (apart from ice creams) so if you do not want to eat out then make sure you eat before you come!

Hope these tips help a little and that we see as many of you there as possible!


As we move into the summer we have more events taking place, including the International Algarve Fair which takes place at the Fatacil showground over the weekend of June 6 and 7. The fair includes a variety of stands and stalls, a wine show, live entertainment and also the Algarve Dog Show and is a great place to catch up with some familiar faces!

Over the same weekend we also have the Superbikes retuning to the Algarve with the main race taking place at the Autodromo do Algarve near Portimão on June 7 – a great one for motorsports fans.

Finally, if you ae happy to travel a little it is worth heading over to Loulé for Festival ME which is back for a 12th year and features a great line up of world music acts, entertainers and food choices – free for under 12’s. The festival will be taking place through the historic centre of the city from June 25th – 27th each evening from 7pm.


Thanks to everyone who joined in with the conversation last month, I have posted up a new topic for this month “Which is your favourite bar in Carvoeiro and why?” – It would be fantastic if as many of you as possible could share your favourites with us in time for the summer season!


I am off to go and get myself a freshly squeezed orange juice from the giant orange that is parked up in the square – only in Carvoeiro!