Pintadinho Beach

Pintadinho beach - 8.300 meters from Carvoeiro by road going west
map lat: 37° 6'28.16"N long: 8°31'6.12"O
GPS:LATITUDE: 37.10779 , LONGITUDE: -8.51897
Parking: The parking here is haphazard at best with no real car park to speak of. There is an area right by the beach and another piece of land set slightly back is used in the winter however the parking area is far too small for the summer leading to people parking wherever they can find a space and usually on both sides of the access road. Be prepared to walk a little to get to this one.
Access: If you follow the directions for Praia do Molho then turn left before reaching the beach you then wind down a very narrow road with houses on each side down to the beach.
This beach has NO STEPS and you walk straight onto the sands from the car parking area.
Water Quality: Excellent
Lifeguard: Yes (01/06 – 30/09)
Beach Bar: Yes, restaurant Pintadinho. The restaurant serves up full meals, snacks and ice creams for beach users. There are also toilets here.
Picnic Area: No
Details: Because this beach has no steps it is very popular with families with young children and for those with mobility problems.

The waters here are generally calm and there is a lifeguard available during the bathing season.

The best part of this beach for most people are the little caves along the left hand side of the beach and in the shallows of the water.

There is also a large cave area on the right hand side of the beach but care must be taken to be aware of the potential danger of rock falls.

This beach is also a great place to start a cliff walk. If you climb up onto the cliffs onto the left hand side of the beach then you can follow the fishermens trails along this area towards the lighthouse.

photo courtesy of Peter Belinfante

photo courtesy of Peter Belinfante

photo courtesy of Peter Belinfante

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