Self-guided walks : no. 2 : Praia de Luz to Burgau

Self-guided walks : no. 2 : Praia de Luz to Burgau

by Geoff » 07 Feb 2017 05:48 pm

A beautiful walk along a lovely piece of coastline , with far views of picturesque cliffs. On a sunny day, the juxtaposition of sea, rocks, cliffs, fields and flowers is superb.

Degree of Difficulty: Easy 1 ,or , optionally, a bit more strenuous 2.5 ( see below)

Duration: 1h 30mins in each direction.

Directions to start: Drive from CVO to Praia de Luz , either via N125 or A22. Praia de Luz is signposted from the new roundabout on the N125. As you approach the town, you come to a T junction : turn right and after 50m turn left. At the end of the road, at another T junction, turn left towards the sea. Go over crossroards at bottom, bear left and park, ideally behind the Igreja da Luz . Alternatively, follow Praia signs as you approach Luz, park by beach & walk along front ( by old Roman Villa) to Igreja.

GPS of start point: 37.086069 N, 8.730154 W see on Google maps

Walk directions: Cross over by The Bull and walk down the R da Colheta, and keep going with the sea on your left until you reach Bergau. 
Just after half way, there is a hill, which you can skirt around to the right, and thus remain on fairly level ground : this is the Easy Grade 1 Walk.
Alternatively, walk up the hill & down the other side. Whilst it is quite high, the views are terrific and it’s almost like climbing steps, so Grade 2.5, bit more strenuous.
Wondering around the quaint backstreets of Burgau is a must, before retracing your route back to Luz.

Eating: Both Luz and Burgau have a good choice of restaurants. The Verandas de Burgau, on the right as you walk into the village, offers a raised terrace with great sea views, along with a wide range of drinks and snacks, and is personally recommended.