Top 10 things to do in the rain

So we have 300 days of sunshine in the Algarve – but what about those other pesky 65 days when the skies are grey and the rain is pouring down?

While the Algarve and Carvoeiro may be known for being a sunny holiday destination there is actually plenty to do when the rain starts to pour and luckily there is a broad range to suit all ages and budgets.

We have put together a list of some of our favourite places to go and things to do in the rain in the Algarve but as always – let us know your suggestions!

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1. Porches Pottery

Activities to do in the rain in and around the Carvoeiro area may seem thin on the ground but you just need to know where to look sometimes and one of our favourite places has to be Porches Pottery – great in the sunshine and in the rain!

Browse around the workshop and watch as the pottery is painted by hand, buy up some of your favourite pieces and then enjoy a spot of lunch or some tea and cake in the café on site.

This is one of the oldest potteries around and is still run by the same family.  The entire place has a great feel to it and it is a cosy place to visit on a wet day in the Algarve.

2. Art gallery

You don’t have to know anything about art to be able to visit an art gallery and the Arte Algarve gallery located in the old winery in Lagoa is a great place for art lovers and equally for those who are simply looking for something to do on a rainy day in Carvoeiro.

The gallery is actually the largest of its kind in Portugal and focuses on being a gallery for affordable art with the pieces being on sale and for prices that even regular people can afford.

You don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to and can instead wander through the enormous gallery in this unique location, where the smell of the wine wafts up through the floorboards!

3. Shopping

Sometimes the best place to go in the rain is to the local shopping centre and we are spoiled for choice being based in Carvoeiro.  In one direction we have Algarve Shopping based in Guia and in the other direction we have Aqua in Portimão.

Both shopping centres have a good choice of national and international brands with the huge Primark in Aqua and a very large H&M in Algarve shopping.

Neither of these shopping centres are entirely undercover but even in the rain it is possible to shop until you drop with everything in one place and large food halls in both shopping centres to help fuel up before hitting the shops again.

4. Cinema

Did you know that in Portugal films are generally not dubbed but instead have subtitles?  This means that you can visit the cinema in Portugal without having to know a word of the language and still enjoy the show if the original version is in your language.

Sadly many of the films for kids are dubbed but if you are unsure just look out for VO – which means original version and VP  - which means Portuguese version, on the film listing to be sure.

There is a multiplex cinema at Algarve Shopping in Guia or in Portimão at the Modelo shopping centre and both are modern, clean and comfortable – they even have an interval in each film session to give you time to freshen up without missing any of the film!

5. Train ride

The Algarve has a train line which runs from Lagos to Vila Real de Santo António and the nearest train station to Carvoeiro is in Estombar.  Why not hop on a train and travel across the region without having to battle the traffic on a wet day?

Time your journey to give you enough time to get off in your chosen destination and have a bite to eat for lunch before getting back on the train for a leisurely ride back.

Comboios Portugal (CP) run the rail system and you can search for timetables and ticket information easily online.

6. Food and drink

If you needed an excuse to enjoy the fine wines and fantastic food of the Algarve, then make it a rainy day!

Settle yourself in for a long lunch by the sea, enjoy some comfort food in your favourite pub or get ready for an afternoon of live sports in one of the many bars in Carvoeiro on a wet day.

When the rain is pouring down, you don’t want to be making a dash for it to your car, so if you need a taxi ask one of the members of staff wherever you are and they will be happy to arrange one for you.

7. Portimão Museum

If you are looking to learn a little bit more about the local region then why not head down to the Portimão river front and visit the recently opened Portimão Museum.

This is one that will appeal to all ages and the entry fee is not too steep either with discounts available for children, students and senior citizens.

The museum is split into two distinct areas with half dedicated to displaying the rich history of the sardine industry in the area and the other looking back at the history of the Algarve and Portugal.

Look out for pop up exhibitions taking place upstairs, often including local art exhibitions and photographic displays.

8. Spa

Pamper yourself while it rains cats and dogs outside and visit one of the local hotels for a spa treatment.

Carvoeiro is surrounded by resorts and hotels with many of them offering spa treatments, therapies and facilities.

Vale d’Oliveiras, Vale de Lapa, Vale del Rei and Monte Santo all have spa facilities and you don’t have to be a guest at the hotel or the resort to be able to use them.

Often during the winter months there are special promotional packages and deals on so enquire about discounts before you make a booking if you are looking to save a little here.

9. Casino

So this one is for adults only but being as casinos are known for blocking out all signs of the outdoor world it is no surprise that this is a great bet for a rainy day in the Algarve.

The nearest casino to Carvoeiro can be found in Praia da Rocha at the Hotel Algarve Casino along the main road above the beach.

The casino opens in the afternoon until the early hours and if you don’t fancy trying your luck on the tables then you can always settle down to watch one of the shows and enjoy a bite to eat for dinner instead.

10. Stay in

Whether you are on holiday in rented accommodation or are in your own home – it can be nice to stay in sometimes!

You can watch TV from all over the world with various online TV options and we even have Netflix now in Portugal if you fancy subscribing.

Alternatively why not visit one of the local supermarkets and pick up some local ingredients to make something good to eat.  Intermarche, Apolonia, Aldi and Pingo Doce are all within minutes of Carvoeiro and if you don’t feel like cooking then you could always pick up a good bottle of wine and some of their take-away options instead!

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