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It is not often that a day out suitable for all members of the family can be found, but the water park that calls itself 'the best in Europe', Slide and Splash, definitely meets this tall order. Having recently spent the day there myself with a group of 'twenty something's' the myth that these kind of places are solely for children has once and for all been dispelled. In fact I enjoyed my day there recently more than the times I was taken there as a child.

The reason for this is the variety that the park provides. If you are a complete coward, then there are plenty of water slides designed for you. Still fun, yet you feel completely safe. Try the 'drop-offs' which involve about a two foot drop at the end of the slide into a very deep pool. This ride is great for giving even the most nervous of person a sense of fun without any of the risk. However, there is always going to be at least one person in your party who is looking for a bit more of a thrill. Well, at Slide and Splash they can certainly get it. If heights and speed are not a problem for you, the 'the kamikaze' ride should meet your expectations. Personally, being afraid of heights I have never been able to manage the climb up to the top, instead I am usually the designated person to stand at the bottom with the camera! But, I can tell you on good authority that it is immense fun, and from watching people's faces when they reach the bottom, this seems to be the case for everyone who dares ride it. Probably the biggest thrill ride in the whole park would be the 'black hole'. Designed to intensify the screams of its poor 'victims', standing at the bottom can be a somewhat loud experience to say the least. This ride is pitch black and comprises a set of sharp twists and turns, but probably the most fun you will have all day.

Don't worry there are also plenty of rides suitable for the kids, and mum's, you don't need to feel left out as I am sure some time spent relaxing in the Jacuzzi will be just what you need to help you unwind.

On a more practical level, there is no need to worry about safety as each ride is fully attended by life guards, and there is always an employee around if you need one.

It may be worth considering taking your own food for lunch, as whilst the park does have several restaurant and snack areas, which provide the usual assortment of hamburgers, sandwiches and ice-creams, at peak times queuing can be long and hot! You will find prices on a par with what you would expect to pay at a British theme park.

If you do plan to visit Slide and Splash I would advise you to do it nearer the end of your holiday when you have become a bit more accustomed to the sun. Believe me, sunburn is a very common complaint after a day spent there. It is harder to notice you are catching the sun when you are in and out of the water, and when queuing for the rides there is usually a good breeze, the next day you can feel very sore!

All in all spending a day at Slide and Splash is a worthy investment of time, and indeed money on your holiday. We all become big kids at places like this, and the best part is that you will not be the only one. You will find Slide and Splash well sign posted on the EN125, and it is situated 5 minutes drive past Lagoa.

Liz Hendley

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