The last thing you want to do is sit in a darkened room in the Algarve when the sun is out but for those 65 days of the year in the Algarve when the sun isn't shining then you can always take a trip to the cinema.

Unlike other European countries, in Portugal the films are not automatically dubbed into Portuguese and most remain in the language they were originally made in and have Portuguese subtitles instead.

The only films that are generally dubbed are cartoons or films aimed at children but even these can be seen in their original format too, usually screened later in the evening.

When you go to buy your tickets check to see if the film says VO or VP. VO means that it is in its original version while VP stands for Portuguese version (dubbed).

The only tricky part when it comes to the cinema can be working out the film you are going to watch because the translations of some of the films are pretty far removed from the originals. If in doubt do a quick check on the internet by typing in the name you read in Portuguese and the original name will usually appear alongside this.

Going to the cinema in Portugal is a very civilised affair with films usually including an interval (this is the point where all the Portuguese run to drink another coffee) but this does mean that you need to leave longer for the film than you would in the UK.

Discounts on ticket prices are often available during the week so it is worth checking the websites to see what deals can be had before going while a look online can also be useful, especially if you want to prebook tickets for popular new films coming out.

If you want a very cheap trip to the cinema then the auditorium in Lagoa also shows films on the last Sunday of the month. The tickets for this cost between €2 and €3 and the film is usually one that has been picked to appeal to the entire family as it is a matinée screening.

Take your own snacks to the auditorium and be prepared for the odd screaming child as this is very much a family trip out with films generally being dubbed (check for VO or VP).

The nearest cinema complex from Carvoeiro is in Portimão at the Continente Comercial Centre in the centre of the city (the shopping centre opposite the McDonalds).

Run by Castello Lopes the cinema is on the top floor of the shopping centre and shows all the latest releases.

To find out what is showing then click and select Portimão on the map for screening times.

Another Castello Lopes multiplex cinema can also be found in Guia at the Algarve Shopping centre (the entrance to the cinema is down the food court end of the centre, next to the Fnac store).

Follow the same link above and click on Guia on the map for the film times.

There are other multiplex cinemas in the Algarve in Faro, Olhão and Tavira (see the shopping section for details) while if you are a real film buff and want to visit a traditional cinema then it is well worth the trek down to Tavira to visit the Tavira Cine Clube where there are screenings every Thursday and at the weekend in this rebuilt cinema which also hosts an open air film festival during the summer.

For further information about the Tavira Cine Clube then please visit