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arrow New law on tourism rentals October 1st 2014
arrow Do I Need A Tourist License To Rent Out My Property? June 30th 2014
arrow Does your property have a tax value over 1 million euros? June 30th 2014
arrow How can I reduce my IMI taxes? June 30th 2014
arrow Foreign pension income (July 2012)
arrowCould you be registered incorrectly as a tax resident of Portugal? update June 20th 2014
arrowDo you still need a fiscal representative? update June 20th 2014
arrowThe European Savings Directive (June 2011)
arrowUK non domicile (April 2011)
Higher Municipal Taxes for Blacklisted Companies update June 20th 2014
arrowCan my friend be my fiscal representative? update June 20th 2014
arrowCapital gains tax (pre-1989 acquisition) [November 2008]
arrowSummer lettings legislated [July 2008]
arrow Portuguese bank account opening requirements update June 20th 2014 
arrow How to import a vehicle into Portugal.

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